Another post got me thinking about Depression. I never really get angry at others and don't rail at the world (the way a good friend of mine does) because I am depressed. Perhaps Depression is the result of internalizing all that anger? I try to be well meaning and kindly, at times probably bordering on a pushover. On the flip side, anger can be a bad emotion—and get you into trouble (particularly with the law) as it has with my friend.

When I was diagnosed with adult ADHD, I was prescribed Ritalin. While it did give me a surge of energy (not necessarily focus), it also brought out something in me I hadn't felt in decades. Anger. It also dramatically increased my blood pressure and anxiety so I stopped using it.

Anyway, I don't know what I'm saying here but these posts are a good distraction!

Cheers to try and figure out the Clinical Depression problem! :)


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  • A good friend of mine has adult ADHD. She fascinates me ....

  • How does she fascinate you?

  • The way she flips between different conversations, while still maintaining the important bits of each one. How spontaneous she is. How she flits between different hobbies, different ventures. How fast she talks!

  • Hi Richard there is nothing wrong with anger itself - it's the way it's expressed that is the problem. Anger can be a very positive emotion directed correctly.

    Bev xx

  • Bev, very good point! :)

  • Hi from the morning shift - nope anger does not cause depression although interesting post. jue1x

  • hi all hope your all well ,wish my depression would get better.been a crap week ! david

  • Richard, I agree with you. I had a very strict upbringing and daren't have shown emotions especially anger with my siblings. I now believe all these years of internalizing my anger has played a big part in my depression. I have a nickname used by one person 'doormat'! Seems to fit with your thoughts.

  • Hi Richard, If Ritalin gave you a surge or energy then my best guess is that your diagnosis is wrong. Amphetamines in people who have ADHD produce a paradoxical effect. I'm no expert but I would question the effect that the medication had on you, in relation to your diagnosis.

    It sounds like you are trying to be a good person, which is commendable. I also believe that depression is a sign of unresolved anger, however I don't think that you need to become violent to deal with it; sometimes a change in view can help, sometimes relaxation, sometimes physical activity, you know yourself best. Work out what works for you and do it, not always easy to be motivated when you feel depressed though.

  • Allestklar, the latest research on stimulant meds for ADHD (like Ritalin) shows that even people without ADHD experience calming effects when stimulant doses are used. Virtually all experience an increase in blood pressure, insomnia (when used later in the evening), and decreased appetite resulting in weight loss—the later being a plus?! Lol! I'm being facetious! For the first time, researchers have been conducting long-term studies (5 years) comparing children that took stimulants vs. children that did not. In the long term, there are no differences. The problems continue... Which only means that science needs to go back to the drawing board.

  • Thanks for the information. It's very interesting. It seams that our understanding of how the brain works is very much in its infancy. I think medication can help, I'm not totally anti. I just question the focus on a diagnosis rather than helping with unpleasant symptoms.

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