Today I have felt alot more positive about everything.

I know that when I get my confidence back and my 'happy thoughts'....... nothing will touch me.

When you feel bad about yourself everything and anything cuts you like a knife. But when you have that strong wall of self confidence the problems just fade away and seem less important - which they are.... every thought that is negative is so unimportant - a waste of time!. I cant wait to feel like that again. I just hope its soon. Does anyone have any tips on how to gain self esteem and confidence? That actually make a solid difference?

Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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2 Replies

  • Well the only way I know is to do things for yourself as this builds up your self esteem and confidence. Be selfish and put yourself at the centre of your life for a time by getting out there and mixing with as many folk as you can. Take up a new hobby or night school and keep yourself busy. It won't be easy but then nothing worthwhile ever is. Take life by the horns and keep on doing it even when it becomes hard coz it does sometimes. Don't give up and tell yourself you are a failure just plough through. Keep busy and paste a smile on your face even if you don't feel like it. If you give out positive vibes you will have more chance of getting them back. Good luck. Bev x

  • In life the most important things in life is never under value ourselves, as others will attempt to effect our self-confidence and lower your self esteem.

    We can become our worst enemy and we all need to prevent that. Only open your mouth in life when you have given your thoughts ten seconds before you educate the world. In that way people will hang onto your every word. Anxiety can be saying something that you know is wrong and worrying about its outcome. And depression is not putting something right when you know something you have done is wrong


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