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Hi guys,

I went to the doctor in September when things in my life were becoming a bit too much.

I was stressed out, not sleeping, not enjoying my hobbies anymore, not meeting up with friends, just feeling really awful and low.

I was prescribed sleeping tablets for a while but after my follow up appointment the doctor tried to tell me I was all better and look really well and I was fine.

I believed all that for a while thinking I felt loads better.

I took 2 weeks off work and met up with friends and felt okay.

However, I've started to feel really low again.

Feeling anxious for no reason, worrying about silly things, not sleeping at night and sleeping during the day, not being bothered to go out or do anything at all.

I don't really want to go back to the doctors as I'm worried they'll just tell me i'm just fine, then i'll feel like an idiot. It was embarrassing enough the first time.

I'm getting quite desperate now as I've been feeling like this for a while and don't know where else to turn.


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5 Replies

  • There's no reason to feel embarassed. Depression is an illness which can't be helped. It does sound as though it's the lack of sleep that is causing you to suffer from depression. Sleep is very important is regulating body processes. Maybe you could look into this and find out why you're not sleeping so well. It would explain why you felt better when taking sleeping tablets.

    Also, you should go back to your doctor as he may be able to suggest reasons for your lack of sleep.

  • Hi there you need to look at why you are stressed out. Where do you think

    The stress is coming from? Usually we know if we look at our lives.

    You can always go back to GP and ask to be referred to someone who

    Can get you talking about what's going on.


  • It really interests me the way that different doctors treat depression. To me, insomnia is a symptom of depression so it would be better to treat the underlying cause of what's messing up your sleep pattern, and not just the symptoms. If that makes sense? It's almost a gamble we take when we visit a doctor about depression. The treatment we get reflects the doctor's opinions and their own views on mental health, as opposed to following strict guidelines.

  • I have been off work for nearly 6 months with depression and know how you feel, stress can cause other things, so please see your GP, if they are as good as mine, they will understand , care and treat you. Best wishes

  • Hi Dirpykitty,

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    I'm sorry you're feeling low again. I second what others have said. Maybe you could bring a list all of your symptoms to show the doctor?

    Just as a suggestion - a prescription of melatonin should set your sleep pattern back in order, so it might be worth bringing this up with a GP. It's a naturally occurring sleep chemical so it wouldn't be harmful - blind people take it (it's to do with the body reacting to natural light).

    Best wishes,

    Fay xxxx

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