Feel so sad and lonely and very anxious

I feel as if my world around me is falling apart and no one is able to help me, I feel so anxious all the time I'm crying at the drop of a hat and I have been for past few weeks now, it all started with neighbour problems and then the anxiety and depression has just went from there. At times I feel why am I still living! i feel I can't deal with problems at all anymore what can I do to stop these thought and get back to myself again my confidence has completely vanished I put on a face at work but I'm finding that hard now as well.


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9 Replies

  • hi La12, I just wanted to say hello and send you a hug. I'm sorry you are having a tough time. please go and talk to your gp.

    sending you positive thoughts,



  • Hi, I had problems with a neighbour and moved house on reflection I should have not moved from my home because of neighbours but I did because it was not good for my health. A Friend of mine had a neighbour from hell she also moved because she experienced a worse situation than I did......sometimes it is the only way when you are involved in something like bad neighbours it does affect your health also if you do suffer with depression having something playing of your mind does not help your condition.

    If you cannot move for any reason then I can see the situation making you ill - having been in that situation myself. Looking back now I wish I could have been stronger and not give up so quickly because moving does have its drawbacks like getting used to a new area.

    The best thing to do is try not to dwell on the situation and look for positives living in your current home

    and dont fall out with your home and pick fault with yourselve or your home because of neighbours.

    I know how you feel being in that situation once myself - and it does help to talk to somebody who can

    give you the positives about your home. Try and be strong and share your feelings with somebody who may be able to offer you some support its hard and it does grind you down.

    Just take care and remember in life you do meet up with difficult situations - we all do!! sometimes with time they have a way of working themselves out but watch your health.


  • Oh Jue that is such a lovely reply .

    Hannah x

  • Hi La I'm sorry that you are feeling so stressed and unhappy. When we are Depressed

    We can't cope with stress in our lives, never mind neighbour trouble.

    Now you haven't said if you are being treated for Depression ! I thought a

    Visit to a GP would be a good first step, he might be able to refer you for therapy.

    I'm sure this neighbour trouble will pass and if not go to CAB for help, it can

    Be sorted. But it f you feel so bad now that is a big signal to you to get help

    As soon as you can.

    I hope the GP will be able to help you and best of luck.

    Jue has given you great advice and Hamble too.

    Hannah x

  • oh Thank you Hannah juexx

  • Jue yes it was lovely and so sensible and warm

    Now I know who to go to for sensible and caring advice. Lol

    Hannah xx

  • So sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I have been there myself & it's hard. Firstly make an appointment with your gp & explain how you are feeling. You will be surprised how much help is out there just waiting for you. I had some one on one counselling, something I never thought I would do but it was the best thing I've ever done. I'm also taking just 50mg of sertraline a day & that is enough to keep me at a point where I can cope.

    Please make that call to your gp now & ask for an emergency appointment. Keep in touch with us at the group. Always here for you


  • Thanks so much for all your help, I've got doctors next week I will let you know how how I get on.xx

  • Hi LA12.

    Going to see your GP is good advice you could also try Mind direct if you have one locally. I don't know the details of your neighbour problem. If they are harassing you, you should take notes, discreet recordings anything you can to prove the harassment. The police will try to treat it as a neighbour dispute ie he said she said if you don't have some evidence. If you are already in a civil dispute these can be notoriously long winded and expensive but maybe you could get some advice from Citizens Advice Bureau or a free legal advice website.

    The situation has already affected you and is impacting on other areas of your life including your work. Your health has to be your number one priority. If the neighbours are still the facilitators of your sadness and anxiety then I think it is unlikely you will fully recover until it is sorted. Whether that is you going away or them going away or someone in authority intervening. I know this because it as happened to a family member embroiled in litigation for over eight years now who has decided to move away. The legal costs have been substantial and they were too ill to deal with it all.

    Getting support from a friend, family member or a counselor should really be a must for you.

    You can bring this up with your employer if you think they can help but I would think long and hard about this as once you have spoken to them you cannot undo it . Many people feel that any suggestion of a mental illness to their employer scares them and the action they take in protecting themselves and their attitude to you in relation to advancement ie taking on more responsibility is not the result you were looking for.

    Being strong isn't about standing your ground all the time it is also about knowing when to move on from

    a bad situation and changing life for the better.

    If you are a practical sort of person take a look at Ruby Wax's book Sane New World where she explains in simple terms the science behind what is actually happening to you. You will then understand why CBT and Mindfulness techniques actually work and you can use them whilst going out for a walk or taking exercise

    which could help immensly. If you are an arty sort of person painting is often considered a good therapy

    and there might be a local group near you.

    I understand your pain, just take some baby steps to take back control and it will get better. Thinking of


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