Putting Life Into Perspective

Hey this is my first post so I hope it goes OK!

Reading through some of the really powerful posts on here really puts life into perspective, on things that aren't actually that bad in your own life.

Does anyone else sometimes feel yourself being depressed about something, but then when you see or read someone else's situation you feel worse for feeling bad about something that doesn't really matter in your own life - something that's not even relevant or compares to anyone else?

Does anyone else also experience these things:

> Never look forward to anything

> No drive to plan anything

> Never get excited about anything

> Take each day as it comes

> Never really feel like you enjoy things

> No interest or motivation for activities

> Feel as though there is more to life than working 9-5

> No goal to own a house, get married or have children

> Never feel you can settle somewhere and really make a place your own

> No incentive to have money and savings

It would be great to hear other people's thoughts to see if it's what other people have experienced, and what sort of age did you realise these?

Thanks for reading (if you have!)


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6 Replies

  • Hello, and congratulations on your first post! It's really lovely to meet you.

    I think it's easy to get dragged down with thinking that your problems can't possibly compare to someone else's. In reality anyone is entitled to feel depressed about anything. My mountain could well be your molehill.

    Your checklist basically describes, in a nutshell, the symptoms of depression. They can appear alone, or in their entirety, at any time. I personally have had elements of being a bit 'not quite right' since I was about 13. It didn't really spiral until I was in my twenties, after I had my first child.

    Hope you manage to find the answers that you're looking for!

    Lucy x

  • Thanks Lucy, great to meet you too.

    This is true, however how do you come out of that frame of mind that you shouldn't be feeling bad for things that really don't matter, when there is so much pain and suffering out in the world?

    I see, after reading many articles on depression I couldn't really pin point most of these so assumed it wasn't the case. That's in a way comforting to know that it was a similar age to these thoughts and feelings.

    Would you suggest that seeing a doctor is a good move? In my own head I just have a vision that they will just put me on some sort of meds, which is not what I want.

    Thanks again for the first reply Lucy, really appreciate it.


  • There are so many options, medication is just one of them. You can ring your GP and ask if there is particular doctor who has expertise in dealing with mental health conditions. It's usually the case that GP's have a specialist interest or field. There are some who automatically prescribe tablets, and that might not be the right treatment for you. They are an option, but so are natural remedies, talking therapies, excercise programs and lots more! I'd definitely recommend seeing someone though. You've got nothing to lose x

  • Hi, nice to meet you. I've experienced all those things since I was in my forties. Having a relapse at the moment, after a year off meds. Don't worry about other's being wore than you, I often feel I am being a wimp when I read other people's problems but it's all about reaching one's own tipping point. This is a good group so keep in touch. Regards Lorna

  • Hi Lorna, thanks for the reply.

    Was it a certain event that triggered it?

    I'm in my late twenties and have experienced all those feelings since I was around the same age as Lucy (13), so I know no difference, I just see people that are so positive about things and it makes me jealous as I just don't think that way. They plan things to do and come up with ideas, when I just get on with things. I only really do things when my friends plan them.

    You say you had a relapse after meds? Are medications something that should be avoided?


  • No, I was trying to cope without them but made the mistake of taking the job of treasurer for our v illage hall and that triggered my depression again. Its inherited from my father and grandfather, happens in later life. I'm now 61 and have come to the conclusion that I need medication to make my life better. Hope this helps. Regards Lorna