hi there can anyone help im getting a dull ache /pain in my left arm ! i went to see my doctor was said is was must likely my anxiety that was causing it unfortunatly i have suffered from health anxiety for sometime and everytime i get the pain i think the worst even though the doctor has checked the me over and says my blood pressures fine im sick of this ! anyone got any ideas ? david


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  • Hi Celtic2746,

    Couple of years ago I employed a therapist for staff at work (not sure what that says about working for me:))

    Anyway, she told me about a client who was having pain in his arm. He was becoming increasing anxious, thinking it was sign of heart attack.

    Although he made appointment to see her, before his first session he attended a 'Mindfulness' course, she was running.

    The outcome…. his pain stopped and promptly cancelled his pre-booked therapy sessions.

    (She commented that her class was so good she lost a new client!)

    Strategies such as 'mindfulness' are worth exploring.

    It's a matter of finding what works for you at the time you need it.

    In the meantime, try to take some comfort from having seen your GP and the determination that other causes not a factor.

    Best Wishes


  • hi mark thanks for your reply the fact that you bothered to help your staff says much about you as a employer a positive caring attitude to your staff will be more productive and take less time off ! congratulations to you for being a caring employer david

  • Hi David,

    I wouldn't rule out posability that I'm reason they needed support in the first place!!

    Hope you find something that helps



  • Hi David.

    Sounds like it's anxiety for sure. Rest assured if Dr. Has checked you out. How about

    Doing a 5 minute breathing excercise, this will help, as you need something fairly

    Instant to distract yourself.

    Another good tip that helps my anxiety. Write these 3 words on a Post It

    . STOP



    The minute you start worrying say STOP to yourself And then say NO,

    Then distract yourself by doing anything, which could be make a cuppa,

    Read or listen to a nice CD.

    Write those 3 words and keep them on a Post it where you can see them.

    David try this and it will soon become a habit.

    Healing hugs to you.

    Hannah x

  • hi hannah thank you for the advice i will give it a try ! im sorry ive not been posting for a while as at christmas wasnt feeling that great but ive picked up a wee bit ! i hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year.! david x

  • Hi David. Ah I hope your feeling a wee bit better. I know anxiety

    Can be hard to manage. Happy New Year to you and take care

    If yourself. Don't be a stranger.

    Hannah x

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