Hi, I didn't want to post on existing threads as a stranger so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm not very good at this so it will either be rubbish or a ramble or both. I'm 30 years old and a mother to 2 boys aged 2 and 3. I've been with my husband almost 10 years. I've suffered with depression and anxiety as far back as I remember but have never been very good at getting help for it. I've been to get help twice in the past after having my babies as a health visitor though I had pnd and was rather pushy about booking me in with my gp. I've never been convinced it was pnd , rather just an existing depression picked up on easier at that point in my life. The last few months have been hard for me for various reasons and I feel now I've hit rock bottom. I've never been so low as I am now and I'm not sure how to claw my way back out, or even if I have any fight left in me. Life feels a struggle and I often wonder how much the struggle us worth it. It's my boys that keep me clinging on


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6 Replies

  • Hi Libby and a big big welcome to you. Thanks for introducing yourself

    And telling us a little bit about yourself. It's so nice to get a picture of the


    Libby I'm really sorry that your feeling so down . I know that feeling far too

    Well myself.

    Libby there will be others online later and they will be a great help, especially

    The mothers such as Lucy and Sue and the fathers too. I better not leave them out.

    Libby are you on Medication or following any course of treatment? There

    Is lots of hope even though you might feel low now.

    I will chat later to you and I do hope you stay around and get to know

    Us all here.

    Everyone on this Forum is amazing and I want to say a big thanks to

    Lucy and Sue, Sarah and Gemma. Bev and Bob. David and James. Gambit and the witty and amzing Caroline.

    And everyone who posts here. Libby your Post reminds me of how supportive

    This Forum is, sorry for hijacking your post.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Libby, welcome to the mad house!

    It doesn't really matter whether what you've got is / was PND. PND is just depression that apears after you've had a baby. I've had depression for 325 years, but having babies made it a lot worse for a time. The symptoms and treatment for PND were exactly the same as for normal depression, so for me the label was irrelevant.

    Don't worry about where it came from. Get yourself to your doctors and talk to them. Most GPs are really good at diagnosing and treating depression and you will be one of many people they see for similar symptoms that week.

    In the meantime, come on in and get to know us all on here. We're a friendly bunch and like a laugh as well as a good wallow!

    Lucy x

  • Hi Libby, there are times when life seems a struggle for me too but I couldn't explain to my daughters why I needed to give up. Use your sons to help you, it isn't easy but it's worth trying. I'm a newbie to this site too but already I've found kind words and understanding from the group, so keep posting, whether its a ramble or not. I've decided to go back to my gp after the new year and go back on medication but this is a personal decision, I thought long and hard about it because it took me a year to come off it but may be that's not what you want, either way, keeping talking to the group, you are not alone. hope the new year brings you hope.

  • Hi, Must be difficult with 3 children - you must go to the GP its the only way until the powers that be find the cause taking anti-depression drugs is the only answer I am afraid start on 10mg dont let them give you a high dose - see how you go it will pick your mood up after about 1 month it takes time but will work you need support otherwise you could try self help groups but with 3 children in tow you need a fix when you are feeling better then go and look at alternatives my GP feels when the serotonin gets low in the brain it causes depression - some people like myself having my 1st child at 39 years old in pregnancy I got depression and have had ever since when I have tried to have a break from the drugs believing I was cured

    but after 3 6 months had to go back on the drug (which I hate because of the long term effects are really not known) Anyway I would rather feel normal than depressed it does affect everybody around you

    I am sorry you are at the bottom of that well trying to get help read up on serotonin and see you GP

    will take about a month but it will make you feel more yourselve. Good Luck juex

  • Jue it's great that you've taken the time to be so supportive, but I have to gently disagree with what you've said about medication being the 'only answer'. This is not the case for everyone.

    There are many ways to treat depression; tablets is just one of them. Lots of people access talking therapies, self help books, support groups, online forums and lots of other resources.

    The right treatment is the treatment that works best for you. I take a medium dose of Citalopram because, like you, I believe that it helps restore a natural balance of serotonin levels. However I know that lots of people here managed well without going down that road x

  • Yes, if you a forum or a self help group kind of person it may work but depression is depression. Maybe people who do not suffer with depression dont have to go down that road of pills because they do not suffer with depression who knows the brain is very complex seeing your GP is the best way forward and sitting down and discussing how you feel within yourselve anybody has a choice. Happy New Year julie

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