hi everyone im really at my wits end i seem to be up and down just now im as low as i felt as long time at times.i cant see any way out of this ! my family are there for me but they are fragmenting a bit.always arguing which gets me.down ! im having what i call a crying fit just now i take quetiapine to help but i doesnt always word ! any advice would be gratefully recieved thank you in advance david

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  • Worst thing when you feel the family fragmented and arguing...we're not made to be that way, feels so wrong. Makes me sad to feel too, though in a contrary way it's a good thing to feel that because it means that at least we haven't given up on knowing there's another way.

  • hi rosannab thanks for your kind words its good to know there are people out there that can help ! take care david x

  • Hi David, yes, there is always someone that has just what you need to hear :)

  • Hi David

    Sorry your not feeling the best. XmAs can bring out the worst and the best in

    Families. So it's not unusual to hear if rows and tension.

    At least they are there for you which is good. Try and just accept the way

    You are right now, as I think trying to be " ok and in great form " puts

    More pressure on you. Could you watch a bit of TV and try and relax

    A bit. I'm sure you will get past this setback , as it's just how you are feeling today.

    Healing hugs

    Hannah x

  • thanks for your kind words im not.looking forward to bed as im that anxious about sleeping been this way since my sah 2 years ago ! hanna youve been a good friend and i hope that continues as i its easier to beat this depression with someone who has suffered the same and can relate to how you feel ! good luck for 2015 god bless david

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