Morning all!

I am turning into the laziest beast known to man. It's 9am and I'm still in bed! I've got someone coming at 10 o'clock to give me a quote for a new bathroom and the place is rather untidy! The kids want to go swimming with their cousins this morning, so I reckon I'm going to drop them off then go and have cheeky coffee somewhere! How are we all today?

Lucy x

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  • Hello Lucy,

    You must have got out of bed to get the computer, so you need to get yourself in gear, if the bathroom people are on their way. Do not worry untidy the bathroom people will not notice.

    Who are you getting, We took on a local builder and we purchased the bits from Homebase, Victoria Plumb and Victoria baths as they all where cheaper for different bits and the builder just fitted the bits together.

    New bathroom that is the most important room in the house (ENJOY)


  • Hey Bob

    My iPad sleeps with me, so I dont have to get up to go online! After we got burgled the year before last, I make a habit of taking all my valuables to bed with me!

    I'm doing someting similar with my bathroom. The guy has given me a quote for the work and I'm getting the suite from a local store!

    Hope you have a nice day x

  • I am the same I am like a hamster,


  • Hi Bob

    How's it going, it's freezing here in Dublin.

    Hannah x

  • Hello Hannah,

    Frost with whiskers here Pax refuses to go out in it

    BOB x

  • Hi Lucy

    You are so right to enjoy being relaxed, It must be nice getting

    New bathroom too.

    You have a lovely day and will talk to you later.

    Hannah xx

  • Hi Lucy

    Glad your holiday is going well and that you are resting. You deserve a rest. I dont like the word lazy but just enjoy the rest.

    I sat watching Indiana Jones on tv with my family yesterday. I didnt even feel guilty about resting.

    I usually do!

    I managed to get to the gym earlier and feel better for it but now just sat watching tv.

    Ehjoy yourself

    Love David x

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