Am I on my way to anorexia?

I am not sure but i want to lose weight to start living my life. i was hungry the first two weeks but then i killed my a petite and now i am not hungry... also i normally eat bread... a lot of it.. i don't normally cooked. I stress eat but only bread... i don't know why.. i am trying to curb this as well. but now i found that i don't want to eat anything at all and i consume 500 calories a day... and i don't want to go from one disorder to another...don't know. I have sever depression and i normally eat when am this bad but now that i don't it is getting worse. also with iron deficiency i run out of breath when i exercise.

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  • Sue for goodness sake you are in serious trouble here. You must seek medical help as you definitely have an eating disorder. I don't know what name you would call it but you cannot exist firstly on 500 calories a day and secondly just on bread. You will become seriously ill and might even die from malnutrition and starvation. This won't be nice but it will be painful and long unless you start to eat properly.

    You don't say your age but I am guessing you are young. Have you anyone you can talk to? Your parents or friends maybe? You must go and see a doctor please and sooner rather than later. You are doing maybe irrepairable harm to your health and well being. x

  • You can actually survive on 500 calories, but the fact that you're counting it and sticking to it is more of a worry. Only you can really know how much this is affecting you and whether or not it is spiralling into someone you can't control. I would agree with Bev. Make an appointment to have a chat with your GP in the new year x

  • You need to stop this before you damage your health. That is so bad for your

    Body and you are putting yourself at rusk from Osteoporis too.

    You sound like a teen, please talk to your GP or a sensible adult. You

    Must be feeling awful and your skin and hair will be in bad condition if

    You keep this up.

    Dieting in teens is not recommended as your still growing


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