Sorry everyone I'm new to this page and not sure if I'm on the right track. I was looking for some help/advice from other people who suffer from anxiety and depression and what they did for benefits? I have actually left my last job as it was so bad trying to working there and act as if I am okay it wasn't safe for the way I am feeling and dealing with things. I am now away to start claiming for ESA. Is this all I am entitled to? The whole thing is just giving me more added stress I'm so stuck on what to do!!

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  • Hi Bella

    Personally I don't know but there will be people on here that will & I'm sure they will give you some advice. I just wanted to say welcome & to tell you not to get down if you don't get any responses until tomorrow as it is getting a little late & folks may not be online at the mo. But good luck & try not to let the stress in too much, I'm sure there is help available.


  • Thank you james. Just never been so stuck in a rut like this before. Not exactly the greatest time of year either to be out of cash. I'm trying to budget on my savings. Pretty hard when I have 2 big dogs that make me smile and get spoiled daily! Lol this seems a good site to use. Some of the posts I have red have made me realise I'm not alone on how I'm feeling a lot of the time x

  • Hi Bella, you certainly arent alone in feeling like this. I left my job about 6 months ago. Well actually made redundant but thats another story. I couldnt cope anymore anyway. I am claiming ESA and have applied for PIP (Personal Indepedance Payment), used to be DLA. I have been rejected for this as Im physically fit but I have appealled on mental health grounds.

    Good luck with all this. I will chat more soon. Off to bed now.

    Welcome to the group.


  • Hi Bella nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I am sorry you are going through such a bad time. Have you been to your doctors for meds/counselling yet? If you do you are more likely to get ESA. I used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions so have a working knowledge of benefits. ESA is split into 2 parts - the work group and the support group. In the first one you will have to attend the Jobcentre to look for work but will be given a lot more help to find work you can do and will not have to look for full time work. In the second group you will not be expected to look for work at all. Most people do end up in the work group unless they are fairly severe.

    If you have no income, no partner who is working, or savings over £6,000 then you should also be entitled to housing benefit and council tax benefit. The DWP will tell you about these when you claim. You could also try claiming PIP but that is hard to get these days and you must generally have had the condition for 6 months or more. It can also take months to get any claim through. If you did get this PIP generally isn't means tested so you would get this on top of any other benefit.

    To find out more google Good luck with it.

    Bev x

  • Thank you for all that info Bec, yeah I'm on antidepressants just now and waiting for an appointment for counselling. I just don't know how I can cope. When i worked I earned around 850 a month. Now if I go on ESA I get £57 a week I'm sure IT is. I think that is a bit ridiculous to feed yourself and keep a warm house. I'm not greedy I just feel that is not right. Just scared and feel horrible as I wish I could have stayed at my job but I mentally couldn't stay there and wouldn't have been fair for everyone else to have to deal with me the way I can be most days xx merry Christmas all. I hope you all have a fab day xx

  • Hi Bev

    That is a great comprehensive reply to the Post from Bella.

    It great to get that info so clearly, although I am sure it is all online. I always

    Look online myself.

    Hannah x

  • Thank you Hannah. The trouble with on line is that you have to wade through lots of stuff so it is always easier when the main points are summarised isn't it? Hope you are well.

    Love bev xx

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