Saying hello!

Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't been on here much in recent weeks (months?). Lots of mainly good things happening so I'm feeling reasonably ok in mood. Since going on Duloxetine for fibromyalgia I am generally in a lot less pain which helps my mood which is also better anyway as the med is an anti-depressant, so double the benefit. I am only on a low dose but finds it makes all the difference, the GP initially put me on 20mg twice a day but now I only take them in the morning and find that is enough. I'd rather take the smallest dose of meds that enables me to maintain a reasonably positive mood.

I haven't been Rambling for a couple of months. I had a bad experience on one walk where we were crossing rocks for two miles, the weather was warmer than expected so I had stripped off lots of clothes which were then in my rucksack making it heavy to carry and once I added the walking poles I kept over-balancing on the rocks. That put strain on my joints which began to hurt. The walk was meant to be around 6-7 miles but turned out to be nine and a half miles as part of the intended route was flooded, so all in all the walk was too stressful and although I was pleased by how easily I managed the extra distance without becoming exhausted the stress made me feel I didn't want to walk with the particular leader again - at least not until I am fitter. I had had the flu jab the day before so maybe was a bit under the weather as well. Anyway the day after the walk I began to feel really unwell and then came down with a cold which turned into flu and lasted for weeks. I didn't get dressed for over a week and it took about 6 weeks before I felt much better. I'm not sure whether I wrote on the site during that time, I can't remember, but if I didn't it was because I was feeling too rotten physically - I just sat and watched dvds and chilled out, putting on some of the weight I had lost as well :(

Anyway all that's past. I am feeling very much better, not nearly as depressed as last Christmas - some of you will remember how awful I felt then - and also physically feel quite well now. I went for a short (5 mile) walk with the local U3A group and despite getting cold, wet and windswept, and not having walked for so many weeks, I managed quite well and felt fine. Then a couple of days ago I did 7 miles with another local group and apart from aching shins feel ok.

I'm not sure why my mood has improved so much. Maybe in part it's due to the Duloxetine - but I think mainly it's just because I turned a corner in some way. I had a lovely little (unsigned) card last year from someone I saw for therapy for years and who is still my internal attachment figure who has been there in the world for me for over 25 years - even though I haven't seen him for the past 15... Getting that card seemed to enable me to maintain an inner security which has stayed since that time - so those of you who feel it isn't possible for change to occur, I can say it definitely is.

My daughter came over from Mexico City and we had such a lovely time together so I'm sure that has helped my mood. It was so lovely to just spend time with her, we ate and watched dvds cuddled up together on the sofa, went to a concert, did girlie shopping together, it was really lovely. We are such good friends now. My husband and I also went to a gorgeous Christmassy concert in Manchester a week ago - the mulled wine was good too, I had two huge glasses as Danny was driving :)

How are all my friends ( will I remember to include everyone... ) Lucy, Hannah, Bev, Gemma, Sarah, David - I'm sure I will have forgotten someone, if so sorry. I've read little bits of the posts at times, but what are you all doing for Christmas? I feel as though the people on the site are like a little family that I can call in to say hello to :) Take care, and to all of you and those I don't know, have a lovely Christmas and a good New Year. We have a friend coming for a meal Christmas Eve, two friends coming for dinner Christmas Day, are going out for an Indian meal with another friend mid-week, then a friend coming New Year's Eve so there's enough going on to keep me reasonably content. I'm also just going back to knitting - in readiness for the grandchildren my children hope for.



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10 Replies

  • Hello

    Hope you keep stable for 2015

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Christmas and healthy New Year


  • Hello

    Hope you keep stable for 2015

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Christmas and healthy New Year


  • Thanks Bob, hope you have a good time too, and all the best, Suex

  • Sue, this is all good news and lovely to hear your "catch up". Me too I feel like we are a little family on here and it is nice that we have each other.

    Gemma XXX

  • Hello Sue, I've really missed you posting on the forum. It's lovely to hear from you and I'm really, very glad that things are pretty stable at the moment. I've managed to come down with a cold / virus things. I can pretty much guarantee it'll happen to me every school holidays. I let down my guard, dare to spend a bit of time on myself and then BANG - I get ill! If you don't manage to get on and post much this week, have a really lovely Christmas xx

  • Lucy I have a cold and sore throat too, I find when I get stressed

    This happens .

    Hope your feeling better soon, try and rest as much as you can

    And let other family members take up the slack.

    Hannah xx

  • Oh I am sorry you are also not well Hannah. There must be all sorts of viruses going around as we haven't had the usual cold weather. Take care of yourself and enjoy Christmas time.


  • Hi Lucy

    Yes, I remember that crashing into illness once term is over, exhaustion having caught up! I hope you feel better in time for the festivities, whether or not you do you can at least enjoy being with your children :)

    You have a lovely Christmas too. It's good to be missed, thank you.


  • A short walk Sue? Omg! they would all have killed me with my lungs :d

    It is so good to see you. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were. I am very glad you don't need the site so much though. I hope there comes a time when no one ever needs this place so onwards and upwards to you my friend.

    It must have been lovely to spend time with your daughter - how great for you both. I bet you are a happy bunny now. Good on ya.

    I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year Sue and all the best to you.

    Lots of love Bev xx

  • The same good wishes to you too Bev and yes, it was lovely being with my daughter for a while :0 Happy Christmas, Suexx