Became an owl?

Since my year end examination, I've started to develop the habit of sleeping late at night. I feel really energized and tireless during those hours compared during the day and I don't know why. If I try to sleep early, I will wake six hours later.(very systematic)Its really hard for me since now I'm having my holidays and if I sleep at 12 I'll wake up at 6 in the morning where my family members are still not awake and I can't find a thing to do that early I have to sleep at 3 or 4am in order to wake up roughly at the same time as my family. Am I having a sleeping disorder?( I could sleep for ten to eleven hours in the past) ( i _ i )

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  • Hi if you feel lively in the evenings but not so much in the mornings you are obviously a night owl the same as me. When I was working I had to force myself into bed around 11/12 but now I'm not have reverted to my natural patten - late to bed and late to rise.

    Sleep is a funny thing - sometimes you need loads and other times get by on very little. It's normal. I find when I am bored I sleep for England. Other times when I am enjoying life I sleep a lot less. If you are not tired after 6 hours sleep then you are obviously getting enough. Don't worry about it. When you are you will sleep for longer. Take care.

    Bev x

  • I think the thing is to get the sleep hours that suit you. I'm a night owl too.

    Look at Some famous people who slept very little yet they ruled the world .


  • Really? Thanks. I feel less worried about this matter now, as I know I'm not alone in this situation...( ̄▽ ̄)

  • Hmm. The average adult needs 8 hours sleep. Maybe you should speak to your doctor? Considering you used to sleep a lot more than this... Have things changed in your life? E.g. less stress, unemployment, less physical activity? How has your lifestyle changed?

  • Yeah thats the key though Change - the average, This means that some people need more sleep and some need less. Apparently Thatcher only slept for 4 hours a night! I wouldn't worry about different sleeping patterns unless you feel tired or you have real problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. Bev x

  • Thanks for your care.Yeah I think six hours of sleep is adequate for me as I feel okay after getting up everyday.Well, I just need to get use to sleeping early as my holidays are going to end soon..(⌒-⌒; )

  • Well if you're not feeling tired then there's no need to worry :). I thought maybe it was affecting you in some way. I would prefer to need less sleep, personally. I can sleep 9-10 hours happily. But as a student the extra study time would have come in handy haha.

  • Yeah you're right. I thought maybe 0713 was feeling tired a lot. Think I misread the point of his post haha. Thanks x