One week holiday

Life has been quite interesting for the last week. My laptop decided it wanted a rest and has spent seven days being cleaned out and optimized once more. All the work has taken a week and now it seems like it is a new machine. On thing I was told is that they can expect to get about eight years life out of them if they are cleaned and maintained and also they can be cleaned and taken back to their basic programs, so hopefully I will not need to replace the monster for at least three years.

The reason I mention this is I suppose we are all like my laptop, we all go to hell one day and we are then perked up with medications and a CPN looks upon us with our mental conditions and suggests ways of reprogramming our wonky thinking. Although with our brain they expect us to be able to last longer than eight years. after a hypothetical good bashing that we always seem to require on occasions

So I suppose sometimes we need a good clean out and then we carry on with a muddled life that needs a good ticking off a few times to put a repair in perspective, So we are very much like a faulty laptop.

Mind I enjoyed the holiday myself, no computer to confuse the little grey cells


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  • Hi Bob

    Nice Post. Yes we are like PC's and we could do with a rest and overhaul. It's nice

    Sometimes to take a break from technology .

    You sound in good tune.

    Hannah x

  • Hello Hannah

    Not to bad at the moment, have had a bad throat infection for three weeks, Sad to say I must be the Counties only pain in the neck