Memory....what memory?

Hi all,

My memory is appalling just now, between depression, pain & medication I've got no chance!

Between thinking the 'phone was broken cos I was trying to call a friend.....on the TV remote! To putting cereal into my juice! Honestly I feel like a real numpty.

One of my worst problems is I keep things .......just in case. This has resulted in a number of chargers being around, naturally I can never find the one I need or remember what it looks like.

So I was delighted when I saw a demo of a multi mobile charger, which does the iPad, mobile 'phone, a laptop and one of those new iPhones. It has a mains charger, a mobile component you can take travelling as well as a built in torch, the cables are short but are all on one USB plug. It's great having just one charger to find, it's unique in look so I know it's what'll need. Anything to make life simpler.

Isn't technology fab......until it breaks down. It cost just under £20 but has p&p added.

Hope everyone is having as good a day as possible. Take care.

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  • Hi I know the feeling. My memory isn't worth jacks... these days. Mind you a friend of mine takes the biscuit. She put her mob in the washing machine and a pair of knickers in her hand bag!

    I hope you are as well as possible. Take care.

    Bev x

  • Thanks Bev,

    That not only made me laugh but also I don't feel quite as daft as I thought!

    Cheers, Catherine.

  • I've got to say, stress can be the #1 factor in CRS syndrome (Can't Remember Schtuff) and this is coming from someone who is only 35. I've done it, I've put the milk in the freezer and the coco mix in the fridge, swapped my contact lenses, completely forgot what I was talking about right in mid sentence - Yes! You are not alone. Stress usually is a major factor or even a trigger. Depending on what medications you may be on, it can be much worse.

    Sleeping pills have that effect on me - almost scary to be asleep but walking in a dream. Then to wake, stress, get depressed and start all over will lead to a total tailspin and crash. This isn't even age factor here folks. Seeing the effect in others truly has me wonder if we all aren't on stimuli over load. Something that only caffeine fixes, for a while, then you get ulcers from too much caffeinated beverages... and then, wait, I distinctly remember mentioning a tailspin somewhere here. Oh well. Try to make it a good day. As it is all we can do.

  • I need to let my friend know that, she is constantly telling me I'm fine just getting old. I know it's stress, depression & meds & lack of attention due to lots of factors. You do have to laugh though, or keep Kleenex in business!

    Cheers, Catherine.

  • Lol. Paracetamol in the fridge yesterday.

    Sarah x

  • Where do buy one of these, sounds ideal. I get all these gadgets plugged in permanently. Accident waiting to happen, I know.

  • I got mine on QVC. You could check online at:

    Not sure that's created a link. So it's and search for Halo mobile charger. It's a bit more than I paid, I got it at an event price. Hope it's as useful to you.

    Take care, Catherine.