Had First Sweet Mince Pies This Week

Hello all

Now I suppose I have had my first mince pies this week, are we supposed to wish for something nice or be self centred and look upon our actions over the last twelve months and forgive myself my failings and faults, not forgetting my self centred worries that seem to extend to many of us who suffer from this mean mental condition, that seems to attack many of us at this very lonely time of year.

December sees me just putting my old family home up for sale, do I worry or feel bad that my Tenant may have to lose his rented property sooner or later or realise that one person loss may be someone elses gain ? Would I be more considerate to let the lease go on into March or let the lease run out in Feb, the latter will cause us more problems as we now feel time is a premium and there is no sinister reason for doing it this way. It is the time of year that rules the roost. Sad to say we all need at this time of the year to open some positive opportunities for the coming year and sad to say the negativity of what we may do may affect other people on our steps forward.

This time of year hopefully gives us a chance to open up to new chances like an extended interest that we all would be interested to do, say the course starts at the beginning of December, should you put that off and ask to begin it in the New Year because it is a new start and we may feel better if deferred and we will be more positive when 2015 comes along. Many with our complaints would make us sit on our hands and if that hurts suck our thumbs in the vain hope that all will sort itself out and in the end we will lose those chances that uncertainty may bring. We all need to take positive steps and take life risks because if we do not we become needful and we wonder what would have happened if we had taken that unknown path.

All I can say to all with bloody awful mental condition is be brave for Christmas and New Year, 2014 has had winning periods and not forgetting losses and gains. Fall outs and fall ins. Next year if allowed will be very much the same if we allow it and our lives are for learning, loving and expectating. Life would be very boring if we did not take these chances and a little spice and worry can present so many chances



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4 Replies

  • Hi Bob

    I think you have to do what's right for you, and life is full of twists and

    Turns and setbacks and victories

    Ah Bob my Post just disappeared so I will keep this one very short. I wish

    You and Hazel and Pax a very happy XmAs and all good health and luck in ⛄️


    Hannah x

  • Hello Hannah

    Although it is three weeks to go all the very best. Still I will be here from beginning to end o this strained period.

    All best


  • Hey Bob. Christmas has a totally different meaning for me this year and I can't work out how I feel about things.

    It's always tough trying to do the right thing by other people, but you have to look after you own needs when making decisions about the house.

    Lucy x

  • Thanks Lucy