Creative but stuck

I have always been creative. But I have been help back. I am afraid to do what I am capable of doing. Like my family is afraid of me being successful. I feel they don't want me to succeed. I don't know why. It just feel like when I was a kid and played the piano and they would slam all the windows on the porch and the door and turn up the volume on the TV. I played so quietly. Dad would come out and say " soft pedal it will you. I'm trying to sleep" 35 years later I was playing the same piano on the porch and my sister said the same thing. I hurts. They seem to hate me. I put my electric piano in the basement and they would pound their feet on the floor upstairs. I invented things and got no response. I was the invisible child. Did they want me to die or just go away. I still don't know.

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  • Who do you live with now? Is there anyone stopping you playing now? X

  • I got confusing to you. I live alone for 30 years and I play here a lot. but in the years that my mind and who I was was forming I got all kinds of negative messages and they are still hard to get out. I share my music with friends on this site because I get support here. Would you like to hear some?

  • Hi I do emphasise with you on that. My family and school stifled any creativity I have for good. I want to learn to paint but am having great problems getting over that.

    I would love to hear some of your music please. x

  • Send me your email

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