been depressed for virtually a year

I'm an 18 year old girl and i literally don't know how to express this. I feel so low and often have suicidal thoughts, but i would never do it and that almost bothers me, i wish i had the strength to put myself out this misery instead of carrying on like a zombie. I've gone through in my head different ways i would kill myself and at the end of it all i think of is who will find me, my brother or my mum? They would spend the rest of their lives wondering how they could of helped, and thats the only reason i'm still here; i'm not prepared to make everybody suffer as much as me. So, my feelings, i guess i've got all the symptoms of severe depression: not feeling anything or doing anything, feeling completely detached, not feeling wanted, hitting things ( i hit walls often and i always have bruised knuckles which honestly as a 18 year old girl is highly embarrasing) snapping at everything and generally having no self worth. The only advice i've had so far is DO SOMETHING "find new friends, get yourself out the house, becs your a great person everyone likes you". that isn't enough and i'm not sure what to do


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  • Have you talked to your GP about it - would recommend that you do as there may be something going on that is causing you to feel this way, eg Thyroid or B12 deficiency. Or it may just be that some counselling that helps you develop better strategies for dealing with stress than hitting the wall :) - 18 is a pretty difficult time in anyone's life - lots of changes probably going on and hormones still settling down.

    You can find a list of the symptoms of B12 deficiency here


  • You're bright enough to know that's what your experiencing are the symptoms of severe depression. Your next step is to talk to your GP x

  • Hi I agree with Lucy. Get yourself down to your doctors pronto and seek help. There is lots of help out there and your doctor will have had many patients with depression so don't be embarrassed please. x

  • I'd like to help. What has happened to you in the 18 years that you have lived on this earth?

  • I have tried killing myself. NOT A GOOD IDEA. just makes you feel stupid. My daughter had to come and get me after work after taking an overdose of Prozac. It was a wake up call. Going to the hospital and having people talk about putting me put into a institution away from my family. My husband has been a great support as I'm sure your family are. No-one knows the right thing to say but they mean well. Keep fighting it.

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