Alright Folks

I've been had in the worst way possible and I like Bev am feeling sorry for myself. You lot are always so kind, putting up with me appearing and disappearing like Houdini.

Of course I asked for the bad luck I've had, I've been waaay to trusting. I wis I could say Im ready for the barrage of 'I told you so's, from family and the few friends I have'.

I like it here, because reply or not you make me feel less alone, all depressives together eh. Society always makes you feel like such an unacceptable person.

But this will pass right, fight another day, stiff upper lip and all that. Just sometimes it would be so so nice not to struggle wouldnt it. Still no struggle and you dont know you're alve right?

So how is everyone.



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8 Replies

  • Hi Caroline

    Ah sorry to hear you have been going through stuff. I did miss you. Keep your chin up

    And you will get through it. It's always hard when we feel down and dismal. The time

    If year sure doesn't help either.

    Anyway Caroine hope you are back to your fighting form very soon.


    Hannah xx

  • I am here for you too.

  • You're so kind, I dont deserve your kindness but I appreciate it, very much xx

  • Thank you Hannah....Im sorry I post and then ran away to do work, busy my over active mind!

    I hope you're feeling in better health and less pain xx

  • Caroline, sorry I missed this. It sounds like you have really strong feelings; you write them down and that allows to carry on with other stuff which is great! I always love to see you are around and you're a mixed bag arn't you; you do still manage to carry on despite all these emotionally bad times you have which is fab.

    I hope you are keeping reasonably well today Caroline. I am ok (I think) I get fed up with being the one doing the 90% and others doing the 10%; I am not talking about you here of course but of people in my day to day life. I do sometimes wonder why I have to put all that effort in but really I am just talking mainly of one confusing situation at the moment where someone seemed to want to be soul mates (a man who I thought was gay) and then acts in a very stand offish and inconsiderate way ; I don't like confusion and not knowing where I stand and this is what I am getting from him; it is always me risking things with people I feel but I guess its mainly this situation with him which I don't understand that I can feel such an affinity, he seems so keen and then fails to reveal anything to me; I am starting to think he is straight but that is so unlikely were to you to meet him but he could be so deeply in the closet that he feels threatened by someone like me who sort of likes to get to the root of things and doesn't like ambuiguity.

    Anyway C, hope you're reasonably ok and glad you're stil around .


  • Hi

    Thank you, Im fine, Im in the enraged stage where I want to burn his house down :-) . Ive been reading about acts of revenge which made me laugh, of course some are evil and not funny but some are creative or funny.

    Of course alot were about cars, one of my faves was to hook up the ignition to the horn...ouch...what a nightmare.

    Best ever has to be the woman who was cheated on whose husband was loaded and had a very desirable wine cellar. She took the bottles and put them on the neighbours door steps with their milk. So it was a while ago and I believe they had been married for some years. My BF didnt cheat but just as bad.

    Clever was the man who put a bag of flour on the roof of a car and cut the base so when his BF lifted the bag the flour went all over the car....ewww. Alternatively prawns in the air con and syrup in the petrol not so funny.

    Its okay, Im just pleased Im not 'him'

    As to your friend people get so hung up on labels, maybe your guy is Bi or maybe like David Bowie hes just gay for now? Either way do you know him well enough to say to him what you're asking us? Not in a confrontational way (not that you would) but in a, you're genuinely interested in what his reality is? Maybe it would lead to a deeper friendship if you front him out about not sharing so much? Only if he wants too of course. Pepole are strange fish and it sounds to me as if, friend or otherwise, he's just shy.


  • Hi Caroline forgive me for not replying sooner. It sounds like your bf is a real s...t! You are well rid.

    I'm going to set up a 'Miserable Folk Club' for all of us who are. I am captain but you can be vice if you want :) Can't think why I thought of you as 'vice' :d

    Lots of Caroline shaped hugs - all curly and lovely {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Caroline}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Bev xx

  • I am NOT Vice :-) Im 3rd Im not down yet, Im angry. I have rung him several time and told him what a piece of shit he is....and boy did it make me feel good. Snce then I have been at school and Im going to be involved in a friends new business idea which requires a lot of work. It couldnt have come at a better time.

    Im sorry your low, but you dont sound low rght now. Instead of Miserable Club can we have a Crazy as a Loon'll hold the Giraffe


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