Reactive depression

I posted a while back about how I’d had my driving license revoked following a catalogue of errors by various doctors. My depression lifted after starting a medication, and things were fine. When I first learnt that my license was revoked, I was under the impression that the misunderstanding would be sorted out pretty quickly. Not so. The DVLA have seized upon the opportunity to enquire into every corner of my health. One of the questions asked is about alcohol consumption. Because I stated that I drank 1.5 bottles of wine over a weekend and nothing during the week, this has given the DVLA reason to dig deeper. It seems that if you consume more than 8(for a man, 6 for a female) units of alcohol on any occasion on a regular (what’s that? Once a week? Once a month?) basis, then you are classified as a binge drinker and therefore high risk. It doesn’t matter if you never drive with even a single unit of alcohol in your system. If they think you’re a danger – that’s it. Presumed guilty.

Over the past few days, what I have come to understand about the DVLA rules has dropped me back in to a reactive depression. I am depressed because of the situation. I cannot see a timely resolution to the ping pong game of letters, forms, phone calls and GP visits. I feel that my position is hopeless and that I am now redundant and useless, grappling with regulations made up without consideration of individual circumstances.

I’ve lost count of the number of times over the past few days where I’ve thought that I might as well give up. I feel like there is no use left in my life. I can’t tolerate this isolation.

Then again, I think to myself that others can tolerate it. Which then makes me conclude that I am a weak and incompetent person. So I arrive back at the same feeling of terminal depression.

So, in conclusion, I offer a simple bit of advice. Be ultra careful what you say to your doctor and/or DVLA. Sure you need to be honest, but do not put yourself in a position where it can all come tumbling down on you.

Pete 


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2 Replies

  • You're not weak and you're not incompetent either. You're a victim of having been honest to the DVLA, which makes a mockery of the whole system really. One person's tolerance of a situation does not have to be the same as someone else's. There are things that your friends will cope with better than you, and there are things that you will cope with better than them. And that's how life works. Keep your chin up x

  • Hi it's not your fault so please don't feel bad about it. Hopefully you will get your licience back soon. x

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