Facing my fears

After thinking about going back to work recently, I have decided to face my fears of working in school and do some voluntary work. This will give me the opportunity to decide whether working in school (primary) is right for me.

Not sure if I have done the right thing but Ive got nothing to loose and everything to gain. When I spoke to the headteacher yesterday, she was more than happy to have me in to do some voluntary work. This has given me a bit of a boost.

Maybe being rejected from disability benefit was a 'kick up the backside'.

Hopefully this voluntary work will lead to some paid work if that is the right thing for everyone.

Thank you everyone for your opinions. It is good to have support from people who really understand.



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13 Replies

  • Good for you David, that sounds like a very positive move. xx

  • That all sounds very postive David and a step forward. Keep us all updated please and we will all support you in any way we can. You know that anyway! Onwards and upwards :) Hugs

    bev xx

  • Thanks for your encouragement, Sue and Bev. X

  • Glad that you have managed to come up with a strategy, and good that the headteacher was positive. Hope it all goes well.

  • Thank you. Im just taking small steps. I emailed the headteacher and just said I will do two afternoons first.

  • Small steps certainly sounds right - build up the confidence rather than taking on too much and finding that it gets completely destroyed.

    Might also be worth thinking about some coping strategies you can put in place if you do find yourself in a position where things start to feel a bit much - eg straightening up and taking a deep breath to ground yourself again.

  • Coping strategies sound a good idea. I will discuss this with the class teacher once I know where I will be working. All the staff know about my condition so should understand if I have to leave the room to take a deep breath rather than let a child get me stressed.

  • Hi David

    Woukd you believe I replied to you earlier but mustn't have sent it. Anyway I am

    Delighted that you are going to the school to do Vokuntary, that is a good way

    To go and it will build up your confidence.

    Well done and we are all here for you, but I know myself that I always had to

    Do a bit of pushing myself, it usually worked and you will feel better about yourself.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah, I know you are right. I have to push myself but it isnt easy.

    Anyway I know it will be for the best in the end.

    David x

  • Hi David

    You know I gave to push myself every day, push myself to be more assertive with

    Certain people in my life, who seem to either not listen to what I'm saying , or

    Choose to not hear. I know I'm too soft and sometimes people can take advantage of this.

    Don't mind me I'm just having a wee rant. David look after yourself and well done.

    Hannah x

  • Good luck david i wish you all the best pace yourself and dont do to much ! (David )

  • Thank you. I spoke to the teacher I will be working with and she is very supportive.

    She said I can just take my time and do as much or as little as I want to.

    I have had so much encouragement from everyone. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Glad to hear things are looking up ! One day at a time !:david

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