update on my progress in dealing with suspected deformity

i am focusing more on the positive things in life even tho i am still finding it awkward carrying out various tasks due to underdeveloped muscles i am starting to look for work to take my mind of things have started by leaving information in with my local special needs school. this will help me by surrounding myself with others in need of my help instead of wallowing on my own unfortunate circumstances. i have been to see the psychiatrist and have been referred to other organisations for support i am still waiting tho on a date for my rheumatologist. this is the main thing which is annoying me tho not known what type of deformity i have i am thinking about going private and paying 100 for a consultation with them.

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  • I am glad you are able to be more positive and hope you get the appointments through soon. x

  • Well done for looking into the special needs thing. I think it is always a good idea to help others and focus on others where we can as yes it can take your mind off your own problems and you will spread goodwill. Yes it can be a long wait to see a consultant; however just because you go private does not always mean you will get a better service though it may be quicker. If you are short of money I would not advise spending everything on a private consultation. Just wait for the ones in the pipeline and as you say focus outside of yourself as well in the meantime. Disability will not mean you cannot lead a full life; I appreciate you want to know what the problem is and i can completely understand that but also you must remember that so many of us have disabilities and differences and focussing on your abilities will help you remain positive.

    Sending you warm wishes

    Gemma X

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