see you round folks

i'm pulling my account - why ? - because this is not working for me - i have gotten to the stage where i no longer care - do not want to communicate with people and am becoming a recluse ( becoming ?? ) - so i'm gone - have as good a lives as you can folks - but there is just so much sh1t going on in the world - its difficult to see how

please don't bother to reply as i wont be reading them - thanks for the support which IS appreciated - and NOOOOOOOOO i am NOT going to top myself or do anything stupid - so don't start panicing !!

so long :-)


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4 Replies

  • I wonder WHY you wrote on the site if you do not intend reading replies? You sound angry about the site not working for you. What did you hope to get from it?

  • Ok you sound like you are angry at the world. What do you want people

    To do?


  • I am sorry you have gone muffie but respect your decision. There is only so much an online site can do after all. If you feel it isn't working for you have a break then try coming back? Take care. Bev xx

  • Hi muffie. I'm sorry to hear that the forum didn't deliver for you. Take care, and all the best x

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