Living a lie

Look from reading your essay which I must say i gave up reading half way through but I am sure it did you good to get all that stuff of your chest!! I think you have got depression and do need some medication

just to support you getting things back into some perspective !! firstly do not think that all students are managing and you are a failure!! just do your best and hey if it is not good enough at least you can say you gave it your best shot Life has mush more meaning than UNI Life if difficult I know but take it day by day and just do your best go and see your tutor and tell him your finding it difficult (he should be paid to assist you and give you some one to one dont forget you have paid 9,000 grand make them give you some extra time but whatever you do remember its just work nothing else and do not compare yourselve with other students just do your own thing at your own time and take life less serious. My daughter is at Uni and is stressed out but hey it will been soon over and life goes on wait till you have kids to worry about!!!! Anyway I do feel for you so go and see your GP and get on a 5mg dose - go for a swim - do your work after and go see your tutor at the uni dont hide away tell him how you are feeling and that you require some support and time. Take small steps each day and get a bottle of metatone tonic from sainsbury take daily. Get a grip do one small thing each day your not living any kind of lie you can just do your best and believe me Thats good enough in life. Good luck and remember tomorrow is another day

I am sure you will feel better take some control and get back onto the ground.


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3 Replies

  • Who are you writing this too? You don't say.

  • It obviously a reply to funkyfairy(Fay) Sue from the title "Living a lie" which was Fay's post.

  • Thanks for commenting. I've only just seen this. If you're interested have written an 'Update' and thanked and updated everyone there.

    Fay xx