Blood test visit

Hi All,

thank you very much for all of your replies on my valium post.

i ended up taking one in the morning (well 12pm as i was asleep until then after being sick =/) and then 2 about 20 - 30 mins before my test.

I could feel my heart beating faster than normal and id get butterflies if i allowed it before going in.

but i did not feel calm or happy or anything like that.

i went in and told them i have a huge fear, they told me to lie down as i didnt look well (ive had a cold aswel) and then i must of started to hyperventilate and i didnt even realise as they told me to correct my breathing and i started to cry a bit as they was doing it but i dont think i was as bad as i have been.

they were laughing at me cos ive got loads of piercings and tattoos and i was like i know its stupid i wish i wasnt like this, but they were nice and understanding so that was good.

i know id have to be on 10mg if i had to have anymore done, i didnt feel sleepy or anything which the doc seemed to think i would.

now ive got the anxiety of waiting for results :(

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  • I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be Lush. Good for you. x