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Once, a consultant I had gave me good piece of advice that helped me when I was in deep depression. I'd like to share it here now.

Quite often, in deep depression, nothing seems to work and you feel at the end of your tether. You're maybe unable to 'do things' and depression just holds you down all the time. The following 'tip' may not help when the depression is light or moderate but there's no harm trying it anyway.

In such a situation, you want to get out of it, and something has to change. 'Change' seems like such a big thing that you just don't feel you can do it. So, try it in really small steps. You can easily change the circumstances around you in very very small ways. For example, at the most mundane level, change the way round the loo roll is on the holder. Move some ornaments around. Move some pictures. Change the way you hang up a towel. Clear out a cupboard. Light a candle in the evening. If you have a garden with plant pots, move them around a bit. You choose the 'level' of change that you can handle, and some of them above anybody can do easily and quickly. The result (should be) that you feel a sense of achievement and that change is possible.

Hope it helps you if you need it.



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8 Replies

  • Hi Pete thanks for that Post. Yes I do believe that changing things

    Around in our homes can help. We can get into a rut very easily.

    It's a miserable wet grey sky day here In Dublin.


  • Hi Pete thanks for that Post. Yes I do believe that changing things

    Around in our homes can help. We can get into a rut very easily.

    It's a miserable wet grey sky day here In Dublin.


  • Hannah,

    Hope you are well. Don't mean to gloat but it's been a blooming lovely day here in Guildford. Blue sky and lots of sun. No doubt it will be rain tomorrow.

    Sarah xx

  • Totally agree with this. People round here are constantly suffering with loo-roll related depression. I blame the rise of the smaller supermarket chains offering cut price rolls. You buy them, thinking you're getting a bargain, then spend the rest of the month hopping around with a sore backside!

  • I absolutely agree with this and it is such sensible advice for anyone stuck in a depression cycle.

    I do agree that just doing something different can help. We all get stuck in doing the same thing all the time.

    Sometimes i get really suicidal and then i think "Well before you do this why don't you just try...." . In other words yes try a few new things; do break out of the cycle. The thing with depression is you feel there is safely in doing the things you normally do yet you can get so locked into them that is exactly what is causing the problem.

    Go for a walk somewhere different. Use a different supermarket. Get on a bus that you dont' normally get on. Buy something different to eat ( how often is you shopping basket the same?) If you are not the kind of person to make a fuss why don't you deliberately make a fuss about something in a shop and demand they find you a particular product?

    If you always dress in a certain way pick out an item that makes you feel uncomfortable (because you don't normaly wear it) . Wear it. Change your clothes. MAKE yourself wear different clothes. It canall hellp lift the cycle. Go to another City. Just go. Get on the bus or train. Sit in a different coffee shop. Go to a different library. Watch a different TV programme. Look on a different HU forum just to see what they areup to!!!

    If your life is rubbish why not just thing "Well make the most of today. The only other option I have is not to be here; so make the most of it; do something different before you decide its all over. You may as well stop thinking about that as that is only going to end one way whereas thinking of things to do could lead to you at least to a distraction which will pass that time before you do have to go a bit easier or should I say less painful.

    Gemma X

  • That's very good advice Pete, thank you for posting this. Bev x

  • Good advice to pass on and easy to implement in small steps. Sometimes we all try to make a drastic change and then feel let down when we can't keep up, but gradual steps make it easier to stick with the change and keep moving. I am going to try that today - I'll wear something out of my comfort zone!

  • Hello Pete, very nice advice yes I agree doing small tasks around your home improves your state of mind I always know that I am back on he road to recovering from depression once my interest in my home returns and I start doing jobs around my home - I am not quite at that point hopefully in a week or two once the medication starts to have an effect sound advice though - at the moment I just have to force myself to do anything once I have I feel much improved.