Valium...anyone with any experience?

Hi All :)

i am due a blood test on wednesday afternoon at half 2 and i have a crippling phobia of needles

i have a full blown panic attack, crying and cant breathe etc...cant feel my hands just thinking about it.

i have managed to get 3 tablets of 5mg Valium off the doc, she told me to take 2 20 mins before i have the test.

however i have a feeling it wont be that effective so wanted to take one in the morning, then 2 in the afternoon.

i am due to be in work but thinking ill need to take the morning off too just incase it affects my mums driving me to the test and back.

ive upped my citalapram as well for the next few days until its over.

i have had one 2mg tab once which didnt do a thing so thats why ive been given the second strongest dose.

Does anyone have any recommendations about taking one in the morning and 2 before my test?

how long has it take to kick in on diff people?

has it had the calming affects?

Thanks everyone :)



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6 Replies

  • Hey stranger! Never having taken Valium, I can't speak from experience, but my guess would be that if it's something you're body isn't used to, it's going to have an effect fairly quickly? I'll do a bit of googling and see what I can find out. Blood tests are bad enough without a needle phobia - you poor thing x

  • Hey hun :)

    ive read sooooooooo many different things on forums and i was getting more and more confused, ive seen people saying that it has an affect 2 hours later....well i dont want that! haha!

    its so annoying i have no idea where the phobia has come from, ive got 5 tattoos and 19 piercings so those needles am fine with!


  • You will do just fine. Take three deep breaths and repeat after me:

    "I will do well, and NOTHING WILL GET ME OFF THE TRACK . Everyone is waiting to hear

    that I did just fine. I will keep my composure, and I WILL DO JUST FINE ! "

    Good luck tomorrow at the Docs . Come back and please tell us how you did.

    You can do it !






  • I am on valium for level 2 puts. I find it works fast, but am now extremely careful as u get like a hangover effect as it wears off.1 in the morning and 2 before the test to me sounds the right way. But if you are due to work I would not go.nor drive or operate any motor vehicle till the next day.if possible get a friend to at least pick u up.a will be thinking of you.

  • Hi,

    I was given Valium before an eye operation. I found it worked quickly. About 20 mins before the operation. It was calming, a nice warm, surreal feeling. Oh yes and I became very chatty.

    Good luck,

    Sarah x

  • Take all 3 half hour w glass of water before test only draw back they will. Linger with you the rest of day but it's a happy linger . Good luck