New Untested Compound to Allieviate SAD Symptoms

Every year my first symptom of SAD is sleepiness and brain fog, despite a mega powerful light-box, every morning. Then I get angry at myself for not being as physically and mentally capable as I was in the Summer. My anger turns inwards and I get SAD. My thinking and internalising ramps up then bam I'm on psychiatric medication till mid Spring. I have asked my GP for some kind of mild stimulant medication but GP cannot "think of anything suitable". I tried caffeine but this has many undesirable side effects. Ephedra is way too dangerous. Other compounds with a stimulant effect are either not legal or prescription only (for AHHD) or I just wouldn't agree with putting such inside my body (some prescription medicationss (Agomelatine & all SSRI's)

This year I tried Aniracetam 3x daily 500mg which only works with the addition of Chloline Bitartrate (from egg yolk) and ingestion with fats (any fat but I take fish oil daily {with peppermint oil to hide the taste}). WOW I no longer feel like an insomniac grumpy bear missing its hibernation period. No noticeable side effects and so far and I have felt no need to get the antidepressant Lamotrigine or SSRI's which have been an unpleasant feature in my life for the last 20 years.

Before you all go and rush out for some. Best consider it is prescription only in Europe and is not approved by the FDA in the US as a medicine or supplement. It's maximum dose in humans has been extrapolated from looking at post mortem rat brains for signs of damage or toxicity from a dose in rats per kg body weight. It has also been tested on out on our poor unfortunate simian cousins who are social like caged beings. It has also been preliminarily tested in patients with dementia with recorded positive effects and no apparent side effects AT THIS TIME!

So call me irresponsible or call me (Insert Title) G. Pig but for easing the initial symptoms I experience with SAD I am not SAD but quite happy. I no longer feel the need to crash out and nap during the day. I have cut back from a jug of coffee in the morning and more till my cut off point of 3pm to one mug in the morning and tea tilno later than 6pm.

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  • Oh well done Norseman. I won't pretend to understand much of what you said but I am glad you have found something which is working for you. They say fish oils are very good for you don't they? x

  • a drug whose dosage is estimated from that needed to kill a rat.... i think i'll give it a miss, time for some daylight outside for me now..... and now with the clock change the light box will be on in the evening too for a couple of hours, the low energy lightbulbs are banished and cleaning the muck off the windows is at the top of the chores list.

  • No not too kill a rat. A dose which improved cognitive ability and focus in, medically cognitively impaired rats (and other more complex animals) In post mortem brain examination no damage or toxicity was noted. The max safe dose was extrapolated from these studies. Currently it is being studied and human trialed for helping with dementia and depression. The dementia study showed definite recordable improvements with a max daily max dose of 1500mg (500mg/x3). Studies go as far back as 1987 and receltly, the Spanish dementia of ahlziemer's type study was a few years ago. Its not a copyrighted compound in terms of pharma use. The unknown is the same concept being debated about e-cigs. It has stopped all my usual winter initial symptoms of SAD (20 years of at chronic level if left untreated/medicated 6/12) where I need to nap and not feel fully awake during the day. Unlike coffee, which has got me through many past winters, there is no stimulant effect or raised heartbeat and associated anxiety.

  • It was the scientists that killed the rats btw gardennome not the compound under testing that I am now taking every day, Still it is working..... I have cured my SAD this year. I wanted to die 2 years ago such was the misery SAD brought me so taking an untested compound that works on the Gaba receptors dont phase me one bit.

  • hope that this winter things carry on going well for you norseman22

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