Hope someone can help having a rough time lately with my nerves they seem to be out of control ! Im tense a lot and my left arm gets really sore ! Im getting morbid thoughts a lot making me feel its not worth it ive had thoughts of harming myself but i realise it wouldnt solve anything ! Im taking really bad headaches for which o take cocodamol the headaches are across the back of my head the last. time i went to the doctor they thought it was tension i keep worrying it worse than that because of my previous brain hemmorage i was told it highly unlikey i would take another ! Ive got the phyciatrist on tuesday hope he can help ! Also got the neurologist next thursday he will hopefully be able to put my mind to rest ! Anyome got any advice please thank you in advance ! David


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  • Yeah, you probably have a tension headache. Which I know are hard to get rid of. What may actually help is getting a shoulder and neck rub, that's the best way to deal with a tension headache. You can actually feel the tension leave body and you feel sleepy after :).

    Yeah it's pretty sucky dealing with nerves. I am feeling anxious a lot at the minute. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint why. But I think it could be the brain hemorrhage in your case which has caused the problems initially. I could be wrong of course.

    But at least you are getting to see a psychiatrist! I hope that goes well for you.

    Take care xx

  • Thank you for your reply i wish you well david

  • I'd have thought they'd be keeping a really close on you if you've had a brain hemorrhage? (I have no idea whatsoever how to spell that word sorry!) You're dealing with such a lot at the moment, some kind of fallout is probably inevitable x

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