The world I wonderful again

Thought I would share a happy post because happiness is contagious ...

Few months ago I wrote my heart out at this forum I told the dirty secret of the milestone from my childhood and the unacceptable reaction of my parents and siblings about it... I also said that I have just started my journey as a mum to a baby girl and that makes me feel very strongly against my milestone as well as my family

I still feel the same about them

but I am happy I met my pscyhologist who really helped me in focusing on good things, I have now shifted to Netherlands and we are living in the house of my in- laws.... They have truly replaced my parents and I feel so at home .... They are amazing kind and loving

My daughter plays and laughs whole day she is now 14 months and running has started calling me mummy and when I ask her who is the baby she points at me :)

I am quite determined to build my life and start a fresh again.... And I am exploring opportunities to start working in the grand world of academics

I have to say to all the people who r feeling depresses rht now that hang in there someone would hold ur hand and walk u out of this mess just take the plunge of trusting people and telling them loud and clear that u need help ... If those U trust r not helping either they have not heard u or they r not worthy of u.... But this is not the end of the world and this too will pass

Sending happy vibes to everyone


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5 Replies

  • Thank you for sharing your good news.... am happy for you and your daughter! It's so helpful to be reminded that change is possible and that asking for help can lead to healing.... Thanks again... needed a positive today... Best, Tamra

  • Lovely to hear your happy news and some lovely and heart felt advice given there too.

    I am so glad that things are looking better for you and thanks too for sending out those happy vibes.

    Gemmalouise XX

  • Good to hear that things have eased.

  • A lovely positive post. Thank you. I am glad you have found a true home. Bev xx

  • Lovely story and thanks for sharing it. At times people won't be able to take in what you are saying about things getting better, but it does happen. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it is possible to get there in the end. I hope things continue to go from strength to strength for you.

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