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Hi I've been meaning to post this for a while, apologies if it has already been posted previously.

Good free resource for mindfulness is at frantic world website. I do the three minute meditation and have just bought the book. It was recommended by my CBT counsellor.


Sarah x

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  • Hi Sarah

    Thanks for that. It's great to find something that helps.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah,

    How are you doing today? I saw your post from 2 days ago, sorry that your RA has been causing you such distress and pain. Xx

    It does help when I actually do the meditation! Anyway no vested interest I had just seen a few posts and responses about mindfulness and thought I ought to share....

    Take care,

    Sarah x

  • Hi Sarah and thanks, I have a Mindfullness Book and CD

    John Kabatt Zinn.I find it helps, as it breaks the cycle.

    I also think Yoga relaxes me and I always feel better after it.

    Hope your ok too

    Hannah x

  • Thanks for posting up about this useful resource Sarah. Gemmalouise XX

  • No worries, hope you are doing okay. I sent you a message today about a book I saw you had been reading. Wondered what you thought of it. Xxx

  • Oh yes Sarah, The Happiness Trap (based on Acceptance and committment therapy). Great book, very useful Sarah ; will pm you now. x

  • Gemma . I did an ACT Course 6 weeks InThe Hospital I attended and that was one

    Of the books. I wasn't mad about it, not sure why, The theory is fine, but all

    The Silly names bored me . Surfing etc, Can't remember them now. Lol