Can't stand this but have to cause of my girl

I would not be here if it was not for my girl . I'm suffering from a underling illness that is causing me to be very depressed again.

Suffered really bad depression 4 years ago I ended up in hospital. And now its back cause of my illness, mum is been so good helping me with my girl, but everyday is a strugle feel i carnt get out of bed, so lost have no life cause of my illness i cry every day feel i have no one, i have to be stronge for my girl its so hard. I was doing ok foryears then i got poorly and now i carnt cope been to doctors and he just uped my depression tablets. Just feel so down everyone on here have been so good. This site with my pysical illness has been a blessing, x

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  • Hello

    You say your depression is caused by illness, this is not uncommon. You may need to find some way to discuss other means or ways to deal with the underlying cause, your disability. That will need to be addressed by your GP so it may be possible to give treatments to suppress or cure your condition.

    I suffer Reactive Depression and my condition needs proactive treatments that suppress my disability and help me live a normal life. Sad to say I do not know your condition so I am unable to advise. Talk to GP and try and associate your medical problems with some pro active treatments

    Good Luck


  • I am so sorry to here about you your reactive depression I am little unsure what this is but hoping with the right support you are getting well or managing. It is very hard this I have had depression years ago but this time feels different, the doctors I am sure think my illness is cause of depression but I am so down some days cause of my illness, I have had so many tests MRI, colonacpoy, ultrasound, going for a ct scan by my specialist but doctor thinks it will be normal. I some days can not get out of bed sleep so much. Ifeel iI can't talk to the doctor as much now cause I am sure he thinks it is all in my head. I think its just me tho been over reacting. I no I must talk to doctors but I always feel worse not better when I have been there. Thank you for your kind message. X

  • I am really pleased the site is helping you and sorry to hear about your physical illness as it can definately add to the pain of depression or even cause depression itself. No one who has not been there would understand I think but it can feel quite desperate at times I know.

    The depression tablets will help a little with the physical pain (or so the doctors tell me anyway); it may be worth another visit to your GP to talk about how you can best manage both of your conditions as sometimes small improvements in your physical health can lead to big improvements in your mental health and vice versa; so it is worth a try to manage them both in the best way possible.

    I find a mixture of good diet sufficient exercise (if that is possible or applicable to you) , tablets using this forum (which is fantastic) and other talking therapies are what helps me.

    Take good care, Gemmalouise X

  • Hi there thank you for this it helps a lot I got few bit from what u said. Yes every one has been so good I go on pain concern a lot and get so much from there. Yes they do help but I think cause I am so down its going to take so much for me to get better. I think one of rrson I am so down is cause I feel the doctors are not taking me serious, Evey time a go I just feel worse. My doctors to be far have sent me on lots of test but but all normal. We have come to conclusion that I have nerve pain and he has put me on gabipentan for nerve endings a patch and oramorph when I really need it. I was on tremodal. I just carnt work been on sick for 5 months and every day is such a struggle wish I had a wand . I think its a dream sometimes. I hate who I am. I use to do running, swimming and few classes now I even look after myself properly. I no if I could get to bottom of my physical illness I no I would be a stronger person. Hope you are OK and pleased you are managing well x

  • I can really understand how frustrated you feel with not being taken seriously over the pain. I experienced exactly the same thing and was treated quite badly by a lot of medical staff. Because I already suffered from depression they just kept telling me it was to do with that and I feel they dismissed me and there were often strong suggestions that it was not real and was all in my imagination.

    I was on gabapentin same as you and then pregabalin and tramadol. (Not all at the same time; these were all seperately at different times)

    They help a bit but I'm not keen on taking a lot of painkillers on top of all my other tablets so I try and keep them to a minimum.

    I find the main things that work for me are yoga and pilates and walking but we are all different and for some conditions exercise is either not possible or not the answer

    Best of luck to you and i hope it can ease for you a bit. Swimming can also be good if you can manage it or exercises in warm water. X

  • Sorry to hear how you are feeling its not nice feeling like that but believe with the right help you will get well again ! I'm glad to see you mum is helping you as this can make a difference to you getting better ! Give the increase in the dose of your medication a few weeks to take effect if by then you are still feeling like this I would think about going back to your doctor for more help I so hope you get better please let me know how you are getting on thank you (david)

  • Hi there yes my mum is brilliant I justbworry cause 3 years ago she was very poorly with cancer so some times I feel I am pitting on my mum a lot. Wish there was things I could do to be there for my mum but at no I struggle looking after myself. I am not good at doctors at the moment I feel that think the physical side of my illness is cause of depression I have been so many times and feel so orful when I have been to see doctors, wish I was back to normal but everything is so hard physically and mentally. I will get brter but it knowing how to I can't exercise due yo pain witch I did a lot when I felt down. Thank you and yes I will keep you up dated hope you well and have no worries or illnesses if u do hope u are getting the right support :-)

  • Hi there your mum sounds like a great person that wants to see you get better ! You need to trust the doctors as they are there to help you get better ! Its a case of getting the right help y need ! I hope you continue to get better and keep in touch take care (david)

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