When will I have the full effect on mirtazapine??

I've been on mirtazapine for nearly a month now started on 15 mg for 2 weeks now on 30mg which I've been on for nearly 2 weeks I have noticed a difference abit in my mood but still quite anxious when will it go I've had a rough few months since having my youngest daughter nearly 9 months ago any feedback will be great thank you

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  • Hello

    Give the medication time to work, it may take a few more weeks to notice a change


  • Ok thank you :)

  • I am on the same dose as you Amelia,It takes time to work..With me I started to notice the difference about 6 weeks..I never thought I would feel better in myself, but things are seeming a lot brighter..Hope this helps Laura x

  • Thank you it's hard going with antidepressants isn't it I've been on 2 lots before but side effects wer awful alot of people have said the same as u that it could take up to 6 weeks so only another few weeks and I should be feeling alot better :) thank you once again

  • I hope you do hunny,Here if you need to chat bless..I was on 45mg ,but I fell asleep and ate myself out of house n home lol..Take things a day at a time and you will get up one morning and think the sun is shining even if its raining ..Take care Sweetie Laura xxx

  • Aww thank you I'm here too whenever u need a chat it does help alot :) and I'm already worrying about the weight gain I'm eating more than normal as it is lol but tbh I just want to get better i suppose it's a small price u have to pay take care too xx

  • I nibbled on carrots whenever I wanted to eat.Try and eat healthy,boring I know but it helped..Take a day at a time and think nice thoughts.xxx

  • I am on this my dose is 45mg, I found that it took about 6 weeks to start to work. It did make me put on over a stone in weight but I am far more mentally stable and able to cope.

  • Yeah alot of people are saying the same up to 6 weeks so I've only got another few weeks and things should start to change :) and I'm worried about the weight gain I want to loose weight as it is I've already been eating more than normal :( but tbh I just want to get better suppose I could deal with loosing weight after thank you for your feedback

  • I started going to the gym once or twice a week and I eat fruit instead of nibbling on snacks and buscuits which helps keep my weight steady :-)

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