A Thankful Tree

A Thankful Tree

can't believe i didn't come across this idea before. things to be thankful for just this weekend:.

Fresh picked strawberries.

A kitchen free of last weeks pile of washing up

a good nights sleep

birthday cards from friends

think i will make one of these thankful trees, i need visual reminders like these. This week should (fingers crossed) stay ok. Time to work on those survival strategies i will need when the black dog comes around again.

Anyone have tools and strategies they use that might not be in the usual list of things to do to keep the dog at bay?

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  • That's a lovely idea. And fresh-picked strawberries, mmMm :)

    I've been asked to help out with a pop-up museum

    A nice lunch with my mum and gran

    Helping out at a museum workshop tomorrow

  • Lovely idea :)

  • This is a nice idea and good to keep reminders for when we are not feeling as good. X

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