Loom bands very helpful

Loom bands very helpful

I rather like this new craze of loom bands ( for those people who havent seen them there colourful small elasticated bands which using two pencils or a loom board you can make bracelets etc)

my sister brought some from a well know internet site that begins with e and ends in y for only 99p and you get 300 in a pack, you get glow in the dark ones some half one colour half another, ordinary colors its endless.

well anyway ive found this is an easy way just to switch off in the evenings its so easy seven year olds are making them and as an end result you get a colourful braclet that you made enjoyed and chilled out too. Even if there no your thing I sugest giving it a go maybe you have a niece or daughter that might like one instead, I just things its so nice just to chill a bit to. :) xx

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  • Agree 100% the concentration (or maybe it's me) required to make loom bands definitely takes your mind off things for a little while

  • yay im glad im not the only one and theres plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to make more complicated ones using two forks im going to give it a go tonight :)

  • My daughter loves loom bands! My Hoover doesn't though! :(

    Are you from Wales Emily? X

  • You should try paracord survival bracelots thr is loads of tutorils on internet and lots of different desins my little girl and son love them

  • no not quite wales but cornwall :) ah yeah why thanks ive heard of it I think it kind of rings a bell :) but il look it up :) x