Why me?

I have been looking back at my life to see if i can sort out the effects of my depression but want to ask a more experiential knowledge base. I was advised to write a book about the negative parts of my life, opposed by the good, but the negatives apper to be majorly overwhelming. as I write it and re-study it, I get to asking is it all my fault (which is what I was told my my last counsellor), or is it circumstances alone that cause depression. Thanks for any input.

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  • Hi Cliff , I don't think I wouldbe queueing up to buy your book, misery no thanks.

    Depression is an illness it's of course not your fault, but certain behaviours and lifestyle

    Choices can make it worse.

    Educate yourself about Depression here on the home page.

    If you stick around this Forum long enough you will get help and support to cope.

    Cliff there is no magic pill unfortunately, staying well is hard work but the rewards are

    Worth it.


  • Just to clarify. The book wont ever be for sale and it also wont be all negative. There will be situations that were negative and the positive ways i dealt with them.

  • Cliff I was joking. Hope it goes well for you.x

  • Hello

    I was told to look back at my past and compartmentalize what has gone on in your past life it will only depress you more and you will beat yourself up trying to understand in what context all this jumble came to effect you.

    One problem is false memories and they will corrupt your thoughts. Yo need to understand when and if you approach the person regarding a deed they will most probably remember the same deed in a completely different way.

    Many people with depression beat themselves up over what has gone before and this also causes more problems and we become more effected by them, why beat yourself up. Yes understand what happened now sit back and understand that we need to move on

    Some of us keep beating ourselves up over the same thing over and over again, life is not a broken record, move on!!.

    Mind I suppose I am the worst for doing the above so who am I to give advice. We all cannot live in the past it is bad enough living for now and the future again I am a bad example there also

    Do not beat yourself up. Try and live for the day


  • It is not possible for me to answer what has caused your depression as people are different but often it is as a result of not having a happy childhood and not being equipped to cope well with the difficulties in life. I think it can help to write out about your life, both good and bad to help you make sense of it.

    One of my therapists asked me to write a life story but from the point of view of a kindly person looking at my life; so in other words if bad things have happened to write about them from a place of compassion. You may find that this works for you.

    There is a lot of knowledge and experience on this forum so do not hesitate to search the posts as I think they will give you the insight that you want about your condition and how things may have turned out the way they have for you so far.

    Having said that there is always the future, so don't always look back; with the right help many of us can change quite considerably from how we were.

    Gemma X

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