Feeling so much better!

Well, I thought I would share with you how things have turned around for me at this point in time at least. I walked 4 miles on Thursday in 1 hr 16 minutes and felt exhausted, then today walked the same distance in the same time approx. and feel great. I've joined Ramblers, am going on a 5 mile walk in Grasmere next Sunday, and finally that is beginning to feel realistic. I have joined the Fibromyalgia support group locally and have made a few friends there which is lovely, I go swimming twice a week, have found a lovely gym near home and go most days when not walking outdoors or swimming. I'm even thinking of getting a dog to walk with. I feel as though I have turned my whole life around over the last two months - it's as if I got sick of feeling so low and suddenly made myself move in a positive direction. I must have caught the right time to do so as it's working!

How are you all, especially those of you who know me. I miss writing to you all, I guess things will alter as summer comes to an end and winter sets in, the time when many of us are stuck in front of a computer for more of the time. Right now the sun is still shining here in St Helens, the garden is full of lovely smelling roses and mock orange blossom and I am eating good food, what could be better after a lovely long walk in the sun!

Love to you all,


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  • So pleased for you Sue. It all sounds very good and positive. See? You haven't got to sit at home alone do you? It must have taken courage to get yourself out there, well done you. Enjoy. xx

  • Yes, I don't know why but I suddenly got some fight in me! Thanks for reply. xx

  • I really hope it's contagious - I've got no fight in me at the moment but it was lovely to read your positive words. It gives me hope that I might get some energy back at some point :)

  • Ah Fadelizard that's ok too, your time will come, so don't give up hope,

    Know that we are here for you too.



  • Hi Sue, well done. Sounds like you are doing well. Keep it up. You are right that the weather helps our mood.

    David x

  • Same to you David. xx

  • sue, what a positive post!

    thanks for sharing, it gives hope to others :)

  • Sue that's great that things are so positive for you right now. I'm really happy for you! Sunshine is the most natural antidepressant in the world. Your garden sounds beautiful, I can almost smell it from here x

  • Sue,

    I have a big smile on my face. Amazing! I'm going to try and go swimming this week myself inspired by you. Joining the ramblers as well! You really are pushing yourself to get out there, especially the walking as I know this can be painful for you.

    Sarah x

  • That walking is exactly what I need, but getting off of the sofa or reclining chair are so difficult for me. I did buy new shoes last week in an effort to help, but so far, no luck. I've been quite down. I do see my therapist Thursday. He was out of town last week.

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