I have to be virus free for 3mths before my operation(great still got this chest infection),I have been told there will be a meeting about me next week.I am having the full lung reduction and not a coil as I first thought..I am sooooooo scared....Another long few weeks of gasping for air! Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather and stay hydrated and cool...Has anyone had the full LVRS at the Royal Brompton?xxx

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  • Hi Porche I have not been through this but a good friend has, not at the Royal Brompton though. The RB has a very good reputation so it sounds like you will be in good hands. My friend had half a lung removed and she was terrified too thinking she would die there. It all went smoothly though. She took about 6 weeks before the soreness went and was back to her normal self. She has been left with a big scar which is fading fast She tells everyone it is a shark bite! She said she feels great now and is breathing much easier. You won't need good luck but will wish it you anyway. Hugs xx

    Ps are on the British Lung Foundation here? Folk there have been through this so it might help you to go on there. Just go into other communities and you will find it. xx

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