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I was treated for sever depression until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I really thought my life was over, not just because of the mental trauma but the physical symptoms. If you are suffering with many physical symptoms as well get the doc to do a thyroid blood test, then ask for the results, a print out is best, and check the Thyroid site. It may not be the case for you, but I know many people who were misdiagnosed as depressed. Good luck!!! Xx

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  • I don't think anyone can be 'misdiagnosed' as depressed. Depression can stand alone as an illness, or be a symptom of something else. I agree that depression can be a by-product of lots of other conditions, and it's always useful to look into things that may be causing symptoms. Thanks for the recommendation x

  • I agree totally. Depression is very real. I was suicidal when I was depressed and the panic attacks were dreadful so please don't think I'm one of those people that think you just have to pull your self together. I want to scream when I hear people say that - or the other " what's she got to be depressed about". Perhaps my wording was unfortunate. Depression is one of the many symptoms of being hyothyroid. Many of the symptoms are similar so all I'm suggesting is that if you still have fatigue, aches and pains, nightmares, low moral even when your on meds, its worth getting your thyroid checked. Sorry for any confusion.

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