Surely the sun shining should help make you feel better? I just feel even worse!

I've spent the morning trying to block the sun out of my house because it makes me feel even more depressed. I know this is so unhealthy afterall it's a lovely day and I should be gardening or just relaxing in the sun. BUT all I want to do is hide from the light and the best place right now is under my duvet! Depression really is an awful weight in my life....

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  • Get out and sit in it for 20 minutes. Take a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a magazine x

  • Lucy welcome back. Great advice, I love the sun, it's showery with bit of sun here.

    How did your trip go? Were your two lamb chops delighted to have you home?

    Hugs and talk later

    Hannah x

  • Do you always get like that with the sun? Not everyone likes summer. Some people - me included - get a reverse SAD type effect and feel worse in the summer.

  • Yes, I've felt like this for a long time. I only find comfort when it's grey dark and miserable outside. Maybe it's because that's a better reflection of how I feel most of the time. I constantly watch the weather forecast as that usually determines the level of misery I will have for the day! I'm not controlled by the weather but it plays a big part in how I feel :(

  • Chances are it is a reverse SAD thing then. I know exactly how you feel, though in all honesty the effect for me is likely more mild. In my case it's also because I feel heat a lot more than cold, and I feel physically uncomfortable and tired in the heat, whereas I find winter quite refreshing...

    I'm not sure what to suggest really. But it's certainly not just you.

  • Our bodies learn to adjust to certain conditions very early in life - we adapt - and so if we have adapted to cold conditions then we are more comfortable in the cold than in the warm.

  • Charlie2508 I completely understand your post. When I was at my worst with depression I spent the whole time indoors; it was the hottest summer on record and I could not stand the sun.

    Now sometimes when it is sunny like on Friday I just felt sorry for myself because I did not have people to enjoy it with but that is something a bit different. I still hide under my duvet though but it is more loneliness and sadness and the inability to be able to create anything for myself to do; slightly different from that dark depression you are describing.

    I am sorry you are suffering so much . I can understand you wanting to hide from the light. Maybe when you feel up to it you'd like to tell us a little more about yourself. Xxx

  • Thank you for your response, i really do relate to what you have said. Sunshine evokes happiness for many but for me fills me with even more sadness that I can't shake. This just adds to my depression and reaffirms the mess and turmoil I'm in. Forgive me for my rambling I'm still quite new to the site but thank you for taking the time to reply.

  • Yes I understand Charlie; You are not rambling at all and it is good to have you here :)

  • Hello Charlie and nice to meet you

    I can relate to what you're feeling so much but thought it was just me who felt under pressure when it's sunny

    I had an abusive childhood and dreaded school summer holidays as that meant I was at home with my abusive father for all those long weeks

    I agree that the sun seems to also fill me with sadness, I feel that everyone is happy & enjoying themselves and I'm alone which in turn seems to confirm what my father told me ... that I was useless and wouldn't have anyone close to me

    This isn't the case but these are still my irrational thoughts and I'm 53

    I'm sorry you feel like this as it's not a good feeling & please don't think you're rambling :) Share on here when you're needing support and we will listen

    Keep well

    Lesley x

  • You really should try to get out in the sun, Lack of sunlight means lack of vitamin D and that not only makes you more depressed it can cause other things like brittle bones. Vitamin D is mainly made by the suns reaction on the body do as Lucy says get out in the sun, that's if we get any sun this year.

  • I know how you feel. I suffer from SAD in the winter and it is hellish, but I feel there is less pressure to be "happy" in the winter. However I hate the summer as I do not function well then either and cannot cannot cope with the heat or especially the pressure to be "happy" that seems to be on every tv and radio channel.

  • I can relate it is far better being at ease when it is dull and raining. But when the sun is bright now it is spring it makes me think about what is missed. But one thing that helps is that go to the gym then when back my spirits are lifted.

  • I laughed reading this, I hate the sun and the light evenings because there is an expectation that you should be out doing something and 'enjoying' the sun (how you enjoy weather is beyond me). The light nights feel longer too, and you imagine everyone is out having this amazing life, they're not.

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