I love you

This is the first time I've been this happy in what's probably years and I wanted to share it with you guys! I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks forcing myself to go out and meet new people at gatherings and such and yes, when I arrived at these events I was terrified but, by the end of them all, I am so happy. I have realized it can get better and you can be okay but, you just have to force yourself out of your comfort zone. You guys are all so perfect, every single one of you, and I love you. You have the ability to make yourself feel better and yeah it takes a lot of time and you'll fall along the way but that's okay. I am in no way saying I am better but I'm getting there. Please, for me, go out and try new things, find something you love and do it! I just thought I would remind you how beautiful you are <3

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  • Glad things are going well for you and that you are finding ways of enjoying your life. Thanks for sharing that.

  • thanks, i just wanted to let people know that if I can be happy so can everyone else

  • I'm glad you're feeling so positive today and I agree that sometimes it's necessary to make yourself step out of your comfort zone. I think we all work hard to try and help ourselves feel better, in whatever way we can x

  • Oh well done you. I think one of the reasons you feel better is we are all social animals and need companianship from others. I notice I am happiest when I am in company and the least happy when I haven't really seen anyone for a day or so. xx

  • Yeah, I think my problem was that the people I did see regularly were the wrong people. Who weren't particularly nice people

  • Wow, I loved reading that post! :)

    It made my day, to read you're feeling so good! Long may it last!!

    I think people 'like us' appreciate it all the more when we have periods, or even days, when we feel good,

    where as other people probably just take it for granted..

    But if you've been stuck in a deep dark hole in the depths of despair, a feeling like this is worth more than gold!!


    Love, Holly Xxx

  • This is so true Holly. I think as well that sometimes we sell ourselves short due to low self esteem. I am looking forward to kicking that out of the window oneday and recognising the wonderful person that I am :) X

    Just before I read this post, earlier today I was thinking stuff like "I am going to show people how I feel if they mean something to me; life is too short". I "hold back" on showing people warmth as I think I need

    more "connection" than most people I meet in everyday life, but you know what? I'm going to experiment with showing it just a little bit more and not being so afraid if people take it badly. I feel so much for so many people; I am pretty "reactive" but maybe that is just my nature so i'm going to experiment with just showing the positive side of that a little more.

    Also Toro, happy for you and nice of you to post up. You're post is very uplifting. You got me happy too ! Xxxx

  • I'm glad <3

  • I'm glad it made you happy <3 I hope it lasts

  • Good for you Stilltrying, you are a wonderful person, and you've got qualities, talents and traits that make you the wonderful, special and unique person that you are, and don't you forget it !! ;)

    Luv n hugs, Holly xxx

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