It's one of those days

I'm feeling a bit low today, tired and aching from doing gardening the past couple of days and now the sun has disappeared. I'm swimming today for the first time in 15 years. What is everyone else doing?

Well after writing that everything I touch seems to go wrong! I must have slept badly because I feel tired and achy. I didn't fancy any breakfast but I'm trying to lose weight and have been eating TOO LITTLE for the last few days so today I thought I would try to get it right, so made myself use up some pate to have on bread, sat down to eat it and decided it didn't taste right, checked the date and it was well out of date, so threw it away and started again.

Made myself some marmite on Matzos which even when I don't feel like eating anything I usually like because of the strong taste, sat down to eat and found the Matzos had been left open and gone quite stale, ate it anyway and halfway through dropped it down my new white t-shirt so that now has a huge marmite stain down it so I will have to get dressed again.

Went to get dressed and tripped on the stairs almost falling... maybe I should go back to bed instead of swimming?

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2 Replies

  • Oh Sue we all have those days! But be careful you don't trip again. Well done for deciding to go swimming.I went last year for a couple of months after work and really felt the benefit, especially from a relaxation point. If is hard to motivate yourself to start.

    Sarah x

  • Morning sue

    Sorry to hear you're feeling low today, there's something in the air I think

    Ooh that's a low calorie breakfast for sure as there's not much made it's way into your mouth :) hope you managed to eat something

    I went swimming a few weeks ago and I felt great after it .. relaxed and tired .. but it was a good tired as I felt I had done something worthwhile for my body and mind

    Take it easy and catch up later

    Lesley x

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