An update a week on :)

Feeling much better this week. Had an absolute nightmare last week but i feel pretty okay the now. I phoned cruse bereavement to ask for help and i am in the middle of filling in all the paperwork. I need to relieve myself of all this guilt and the horrible images i have in my head of my mum on the hospital. I have also been referred to a psychologist to hopefully get answers to what is wrong with me and why i have such dark days. On tuesday i got my fitness gear on and went to my old fitness class. This was a major achievement as after piling on the weight whilst pregnant i felt huge and my confidence is shattered. I felt so happy with myself. I'm not complacent enough to think that its all rosey but i'm setting the wheels in motion to make brave changes. Hope you are all well x

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  • This is really good news Lesley. I am so pleased that you have sought the help from Cruse and also that you managed to make your old fitness class. It is a lovely feeling isn't it when you start to do the things you know you need to do to start to heal and move forwards . So pleased for you X

  • Yes it definitely is. I'm more excited about going to the psychologist to finally get the answers that i have been seeking for years. Time to admit that i cant do it all myself. Hopefully a move back onto sertraline once i give up breastfeeding will make a dramatic change to my life. Thank you for commenting x

  • Hi Lesley,glad to see you feeling a bit better. Your baby is still very young

    And I think medication woukd help you a lot.when you feel better you

    Can begin to look at what's going on internally.

    Well done for going to Fitness Class, it's natural to feel a bit out of shape

    After having a baby. Good look with Psychologist and it's great that

    You are doing this.

    Hannah x

  • All sounds good :) x

  • Hi Lesley

    Well done you, that is a lot of progress last week so that's great news, I'm so pleased for you

    That will all help you to feel more positive about now and the future so keep up the good work & let us know how you get on

    Best wishes

    Lesley x

  • Hi

    I don't know your history but am glad you have contacted Cruse as they are experienced at working with bereavement which it sounds as though you have experienced. You say you have been referred to a psychologist in order to find out what is wrong with you but it may be that nothing is wrong with you but that the things you experienced when your mum was in hospital were difficult and you are struggling to cope with your feelings about them.

    Well done for getting back into going to fitness classes! It's an important step and will help with your weight loss.

    I'm also trying to lose weight and have lost a stone over the past couple of months but now things have slowed right down. I know I need to exercise but various joint problems make it painful, though I am going swimming tomorrow for the first time in 15 years!.

    Talk to you again,

    Sue x

  • Thank you everyone. Feeling that wee bit more optimistic so that can only be a good thing. My fiance said to me that he thinks that theres something wrong with me as he says i'm on edge. I feel okay and getting sick of him assuming how i am and him expecting me to feel down. Things always deteriorate when he thinks that as i cant be arsed talking to him then. Lol. X

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