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I just HAVE to tell any of you who are trying to lose weight about a website I have just discovered called My Fitness Pal - if you haven't already tried it then do. It is dead easy to use, keeps a detailed record, lists every kind and make of food imaginable including vitamins, etc and home made foods, says how many calories are left for the day and also what weight you will be in 5 weeks time if you continue to eat the same way. It's amazing and really helpful.



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  • Hi Sue,

    Lots of the girls in work use this app and thoroughly recommend it too. I use it sometimes for calorie counting - but that never gets me very far!

  • Hi Lucy, it is brilliant. I love the way it keeps detailed tabs and adjusts weight loss expectations, it is really helping me to see what things prevent me from losing weight at the rate I want to. Yesterday I cut out one thing and have dropped again this morning! :) x

  • Hi Sue it's good to find something that helps. A few people I know

    Use it , and I guess it makes you aware of your choices. Your doing

    Well with weight loss Sue.

    Hannah x

  • I definitely second that! I love the fact that by using MFP it's easy to watch your fibre, protein etc not just carbs.

    But also by adding other members for mutual support via the community, there's an amazing peer support element.

  • I haven't looked at the peer support as in relation to weight I tend to find that depressing as people are well meaning but then I find I can't carry through their advice because my lifestyle is so different from theirs. I find it best to lose my own way but love the way as you say that carbs and protein etc are monitored so I can see what I need to alter.

  • Definitely can see where you're coming from secondhandrose.

    For me, though, it's not about getting advice when getting peer support, as as you say everyone's lifestyle different.

    A lot of my problems with food relate to emotional eating, and I try to add people for support who are similar.

    For me, it's just about being able to post a status to say when I'm having a massive craving for fast food etc, and wanna pig out... and to have some people respond in return, not with advice, but more encouragement, really helps me feel more able to resist, and help me feel like I'm not alone.

    And of course, sharing little victories... not necessarily about weight loss, but like when my friend noticed I'd gotten fitter, having somewhere to share that, and have people happy for me... and other things like that really helps... so might be something that others could benefit from :)

  • I used to track my food with MFP, I loved it! Another really good one that I found fits what Im more interested in (getting more whole foods into my diet) is Fooducate. It gives foods grades A+ to D- with nutritional info and is also a food journal that tracks individual things like sugar, sodium, protein, carbs etc. I love, love, LOVE the app even though I don't always track my food, I use it to see what grade the food I eat gets, and that usually helps me eat it or pass on it. ^_^