I've been reading lots of the tips on food intake during the last couple of days and feel very confused as to why I'm overweight at all. The articles suggest swapping a buttery muffin for a current bun yet I would never eat either as I have never smacked between meals. I don't like sweets so that isn't the culprit. It talks about using low fat marg instead of butter but I've always used Flora and sometimes I have nothing on my bread if for example I am having beans on toast or a jacket. It says to use semi-skimmed milk rather than full fat yet I've always used completely skimmed and never finish any milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl. I already eat healthy cereals such as museli as I'm not a fan of sugar.My portion sizes I believe are fairly small too. I just don't understand why I can't loose weight. I am in a fairly active job working in school which involves running up and down stairs all day. I walk for half an hour each day and a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I walked ffir 7 miles which took me 2 hours, did some weights, sit ups etc. What mire can I do. Sadly I can't afford the gym. Any advice?


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  • i guess you posted in the wrong forum. But if you want a psychological type explanation? ---Your view of reality --- and reality itself do not match.... You could go all obsessional and weigh all the foods/drinks of the week. and at the end do the the calculations for how many calories went in. Or you you might try a month of set menus from diet brands, and see what happens. Exercise does not burn as many calories as people like to think, and if there is a reward choci bar or drink afterwards you are back to square one.

    I am in tactless mode right now so i am going to say this anyway, the post almost sounds like boasting, when you do get round to reposting it on the exercise site you might want to rephrase it---- else risk alienating other members, and getting an equally blunt reply. ..... put that can of red-bull down kid and use the water jug instead....

  • Never meant to sound boastful am actually very down about my weight and how I am suffering very low self esteem. Sorry I posted in wrong forum probably because I am subscribed to both as have had terrible problems with depression too. All I want is some support but it sounds as though I will get none here :-(

  • Bubbles, have read and re-read and just can't see at all that you were being boastful. It does look like you posted in the wrong forum though XX

  • why is weight so important to you? Remember the major benefit of exercise is gaining quality in physical health, not simply losing quantity of body.. I'm not saying go all out on the weights or spend hours jogging, but quality is as important as quantity. gym classes can be expensive, though you tube is full of lots of fun dance vids, crunches have their place, but don't hit the "fun-factor"

  • The doctor has said I have to loose 4 and half stone. Thanks for the encouragement. So sorry I posted in the wrong forum.

  • bubbles i just noticed you post in the weight loss forum. you did loose a stone, so you have not failed, sometimes there is a bit of a pause before they go in the right direction again. The age issue is something you may have to argue with the doctor about. Technically they can prescribe the pill upto menopause or about age 50. BUT the N.I.C.E. prescribing guidelines that they follow do have quite a few restrictions, I'll put a link on. The age 40-45 is a point at which they start to get nervous. Last year I had to do a lot of foot-stamping to get put back on the combined pill, they had put me on the progesterone only version, as i was nearly 45, to be frank the mini-pill had me feeling hugely depressed.. But I know it suits other people, so you may be able to argue them into prescibing progesterone, or a coil? Check the guidelines for loop-holes, if your health, such as mental health is threatened by Not using the pill, they will prescribe for you. I can't find the right website now, but this will be a start: There are often loop-holes in their rules, meanwhile i hope you find ways to enjoy the journey towards a healthy body------ yes i know tact is not my number-one skill--- I will try to be practical where i can..

  • first link did not work .

  • Sorry that you are feeling so down about your weight.

    It sounds like the diets you are looking at are focusing on calories, where as may be you need to look at the mix between the different types of food groups - eg taking in a bit more protein and a little less of the more complex carbohydrates like starch (bread).

    There are also some recent bits of research that show that in some cases excess body weight is actually a genetic factor - not sure that that really helps with resolving the problem as you are probably looking at trying to get calories in < calories out to resolve the problem.

    Hope you find some proper support on the weight-loss forum. You aren't the first to post on the wrong forum and I'm sure you won't be the last - just sorry it has been such a hard experience.

  • ok that's a few pounds,,, bit more than vanity then, ,,,, not sure if you have a set time, like having to loose it for an op,... if not take it slow, have a way of living that includes food that you can maintain happily for a life-time. sure you know all that stuff about yoyo dieting.....I was a bit shocked the other day to realise i' "acquired" 1/2 a stone in about half a year, yes mood had a lot to do with it, the up times i didn't give a toss, and the moody times was angry eating. i know my idea of portion size has gone a bit out of whack too. Gonna sound like a nag but look at a whole variety of ways to keep your self-esteem strong, if you are down on yourself your head might tell you it is just about weight and figure, but the mind is a slippery beast and will find other ways to tell you you are "no-good" long after the body has gone past a size 10

  • Bubbles that must be soul destroying! As you say, all you can do is follow the advice on healthy eating and exercising - both of which you seem to be doing anyway. Now I need to lose a pound or two (or ten or twenty!) but that's my own fault for eating too much crap! Has your GP checked things like thyroid function? You say you have suffered with depression. Are you currently taking antidepressants, as lots of those can cause weight gain? I hope you manage to find some useful answers to your predicament, because I can see it's really getting you down x

  • Hmmm, that's exactly what I was thinking Lucy - thyroid!

    But Bubbles...don't freak about posting it on the depression site as, if it's getting you down so much then you've got as much reason for posting it on here as on the weight loss site - think you've just caught a couple of people on a bad day...don't take it to heart Hun after all, I've posted things like being embarrassed about not being able to wear my bottom dentures and got more sympathy than you seem to have got here today.

    If you haven't already, do ask for a thyroid check.

    Good luck Hun,



  • Hello Bubbles and even if you did post on the 'wrong' forum so what ... we can all be distracted at times

    I can't see that you were boasting in fact the opposite

    Just wondering if you've ever watched 'Secret Eaters' I've been watching it and it's amazing how we can be fooled into eating something we think is healthy and low calorie but if we add coleslaw, cheese etc it can pile the calories high

    Maybe if you could see a dietician that would help you? Just a thought

    You could keep a food diary of every single thing you eat and drink and maybe that would shed light on hidden calories, it's easily done when we're rushing about having busy lives not to be aware of everything we put in our mouths so if it's written down we can look back and see exactly what we had

    Good luck as I can tell it's getting you down

    Lesley x

  • Hi Bubbles and welcome to our Forum , don't worry about posting here

    By mistake , that happens a lot to people. It's no big deal. Now 41/2 st. Is

    A hell of a lot of weight to lose. Plus I didn't feel you were boasting

    At all.

    I think you need to be ruthless with yourself and write down everything and I mean everything that passes your lips. You might be eating the healthy alternatives but if you are eating more than the recommended

    Portions for a diet, then you will never lose weight. Watch your portions

    And maybe put all your daily flora allowed on your diet on a little plate and then Don't eat any more. For sure your going wrong somewhere.

    Why not log on to NHS choices Diet and they will give you a 1200 calorie

    A day to follow. You will need to weigh everything and that includes putting your allowed Semi skimmed milk out in a jug too.

    Realistically you are eating too much or else you would lose weight.

    So follow a strict plan of 1200 and you will lose weight. I just think

    That you are eating far more than you think you are.

    I hope this helps and you could also join Slimming World too and then

    You would get weekly support and weigh ins. So shop for healthy

    Foods and make a menu plan for the week which is 1200 and you will

    Lose that weight.

    You have my sympathy but if you start now you will feel much better and

    Also improve your general health and Depression too. Please let us know

    How you get on.



  • Oh good grief you have all been so kind and given me lots of practical ideas. Thank you. I was on anti depressants for a couple of years but came off them a year ago though I do still struggle and have some very down days at times. I must admit this weight gain happened around the time I was at my worst - I assume that by now it would all be out of my system or could the antidepressants still be the problem?

    I am now worried about returning to this doctor and asking for any help on any subject as she was so unpleasant and made me feel really bad. Think I may have to change doctors practice. As for mini pill which she's now put me on , I have no faith in it and am really worried about taking it.

    Thanks again for all your kindness and support :-)