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Today I feel horrible I hate myself I'm so f-ing ugly and fat I hate it so much I took some pills then cut my wrist but as soon as I did it I regretted it I decided I no longer want to die so I got up washed the sheets and sat in the shower trying to vomit up the pills and watching the blood pour out, I wish I didn't do it but I did. I am just so ugly and I hate my body I feel the fat just sitting there, I'm scared I have a appointment with doc and sYc on the 3rd June but I feel that's to far away omg

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  • I am sorry you are feeling so desperate. It is sad that you want to harm yourself and think so little of yourself as you are probably as nice a person as the rest of us although I know telling you that will make no difference to how you are feeling. Can you tell us any more about why you hate yourself so much? We will do what we can to support you and you can swear to yourself all you like but not on the website! Suexx

  • I think you're very pretty, but I realise that's falling on deaf ears if you don't believe it yourself. I don't have a huge amount to say, other that I'm really glad you saw sense and decided that taking your life wasn't the answer to how you are feeling. The 3rd of June will come round in the blink of an eye, but if you a struggling in the meantime, you should call your out of hours GP, or check it at A&E x

  • Hi I think from your picture you are pretty too. But it's the ugliness you feel inside which is making you feel ugly isn't it? I am glad you decided you want to live. That's a start now build on that and decide whether on the whole you want to die or live. If it's the latter do your very best to sort out your problems and reach a point where you can feel better about yourself. x

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