Just finished work today!

Im not sure whether to feel sad, cross or happy to be leaving work. I have been on reduced hours due to depression but now I have finished completely as my contract was finished due to cutbacks. I feel a bit sad as I get on well with most people I have worked with and they have been supportive. I will miss seeing them. Most new about my depression. I am cross to be made redundant when there are other people in the school with less experience who are still there.

However, Im also happy to have some time out as I can sort myself out and have a rest. Dont know whether my wife sees it like that as she works full time. I am a full time house husband now. Have to learn how to use the washing machine!


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  • Hi David

    So, you have finished work for the time being! It is natural that you are feeling quite ambivalent and good that you are acknowledging your anger and envy of those you have been kept on - I doubt it was anything personal as I'm sure you realise.

    It will be good for you to have the rest and learn to manage things more around the home but a huge adjustment for you and your wife so make sure you talk about what each of you might be responsible for! Women don't take kindly to having their role undermined but at the same time you need to have things to do during the day and your wife may appreciate the load being lessened. Perhaps you could take the opportunity of learning to cook - or cook some new style if you already do so. My husband loved finding he could produce lovely curries and I'm enjoying learning how to make soups and other things I never cooked before.

    Take care and it's good to hear from you.


  • Thanks Sue, I enjoy cooking and I will try some new recipes on my family. x

  • Hi David

    Now where did that week go?

    Yes you have all of those emotions and each one is very valid, all good things come to an end and I know you found it very stressful but also rewarding at times

    Time for Change

    It has taken the pressure off you and that can only be good

    It's coming into the better weather ... fingers crossed :) ... so it's the best time to catch up with things, relax, some gardening, relax, some nice walks, relax haha you get the picture

    Time to be good to yourself as we only live once (contrary to what James Bond says)

    Keep looking forward and a day a time

    Rubber gloves at the ready for all those chores you'll have :)

    Wishing you all the best

    Lesley x

  • Thanks Lesley, I have plans for the garden. Entering Chelsea flower show next year! x

  • Natural to have mixed emotions - its a change and that's how people are with change.

    Hope you manage to suss out the washing machine quickly and find other things to give you contact with the outside world.

  • Thanks Gambit.

  • Ah David, I thought of you a few times in work this week. I've tried to remain impartial, because I know this is a difficult time for you, but a part of me is angry that you were made redundant. I know that's not a helpful comment though, so I won't carry on xx

  • Thanks Lucy, Im feeling quite positive today. Sent an email to the head teacher last night, asking if I can come into do voluntary work after half term. But not sure now if thats want I want to do, having slept on it.

    I am a school governor there too and just I have just resigned from that! I just want to stick two fingers up to the place. Hope you know what I mean. x

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