Happy with the outcome


Went to see consultant today and he said I have PBC but pre-clinical PBC. and that it may never develop into the disease. He's arranging a bone scan and an MRI on my back because my back went the other week and has left me with severe sciatic pain in my leg. He's also doing trials to find out why some people get it to understand why there seems to be clusters in some areas, I said I would be happy for him to send me the kit. He was a lovely consultant and very thorough which has helped me no end. I'm a happy bunny with this information, He wants to see me again in 6 months! I'm also having my blood checked "again" because LFTs fluctuate. Very pleased with the outcome x


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5 Replies

  • Sounds good, it's always satisfying to have a good consultation. x

  • Sounds very positive :)

    but I don't know what PBC is.

  • So sorry, posted in the wrong health unlocked! Although I suffer depression, I also have a liver disease. I thought I'd deleted it x

  • don't be sorry. it was nice hearing good news and of a caring consultant :)

  • Hello skywalker

    Why sorry ???

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