DLA TRIBUNAL next month stressed to the max just thinking about it

Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone can help me, i have a Dla tribunal next month and was just wondering what to expect ??? I have a lady from DIAL helping me with my case due to fibro and depression, however how long does the hearing last ??? what do they ask you ??? i am really stressing out over it as i dont like going out and meeting people i dont know so am stressed to the max just thinking about it any comments will be greatly received xxx

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  • Hi there, is it DLA (Disability Living Allowance) or ESA (Employment Support Allowance) as I thought DLA had now been replaced by PIP (Personal independence Payment)

    Lots of abbreviations there!

    There will probably be a panel of 3 people ( with either benefit) They mainly look at all the evidence that had been sent in. Get as much evidence as possible from everyone who is treating you as to how your condition affects you on a day to day basis and what support you need/ receive.

    They will probably ask you one or two questions but the main thing is for the written evidence to be correct as they mainly make their decision from that particularly the specialists you are seeing as they will write to them or you will have sent in stuff from them.

    I can't say what the questions would be ; they would mainly be things they just need to confirm with you or things from the written evidence they need more details from you. It could be about your housing, last date you saw specialist anything. Try not to predict. As long as you have the evidence that is the main thing.

    I think it will vary from person to person how long it takes. and I would imagine it would depend on whether they all agree on a decision. So this could be anything from 10 mins to an hour or more but the hour or more would be mainly waiting for the decision not the actual interview.

    They will want to know how you fit their "descriptors". If it's ESA it's a points based system, it its DLA its fitting their descriptors of needing care and mobility problems you may have. It should all be covered in what you send in what also they want to see you and make sure you are who you say you are I guess.

    I think it is essential you have someone to help you so I am glad you have the lady from DIAL. By the way what is DIAL?as I haven't heard of it . Make sure you have someone to go with you on the day as well and make them aware of your support system. They are very strict and if you are not successful it will not mean you are a fraud; just that they don't feel you meet their descriptors. Hopefully the lady will support you through it all. Best of luck. Gemmalouise

  • Gemma I have to say that this is a very thorough and helpful

    Reply for that lady. Very clear, being In Ireland our system is different . It

    Sounds like it could go any way really.

    Hope your in good form Gem

    Hannah x

  • Our Gemma is good isn't she Hannah? :d x

  • Yes a heart of gold. X

    Hannah xx

  • Hi Sarah

    I have been on long term sick for over 6 years and have had to do Tribunal stages every 6 month because they always make me fit for work, so like yourself, i had to take it to Tribunal, If you suffer from Depression you can ring them up and ask for it to be held at your home as i have done each time.. helped me loads as i was like you, made me so unwell building up to it.

    There is a panel of 3 usually 1 medical member, 1 law and benefit person, Get as much evidence as you can like the other lady said, ie:- medical notes from anyone you are seeing that can help you, all i can say is most people who claim ESA/DLA which is now called PIP have to go through this process, Stay strong, i know its easy for me to say but stay focused and you will get through it but please ring them up and tell them how ill its making you.

    Take a friend/ family member to support you, you dont have to go alone!,, I hope this helps alittle, i suffer really badly and i mean all my life with forms of Depression and Pain, and if i can do it im sure you can x

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