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Hi there i was wondering if anyone is on these medications, i have recently been put on two types of medication to help me with my symptoms of depression and have found so far they are helping or could it be that my out look on life has changed and it's just me .. The medication that i am taking are, Mitazapine 15mg /30mg and also Quetiapine. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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  • Sorry but I don't know either of those meds. Glad they are helping you. Suex

  • It's probably a mixture of both. The chemicals in antidepressants do their job in raising serotonin levels, but at the same time taking positive steps in the management of your own health will raise your levels of wellbeing. I hope you continue to make such positive progress x

  • Hiya yes I know those meds though I don't take them. Mirtazapine is commonly used Anti depressant and the quetiapine is a mood stabliliser or anti-psychotic. It sounds like you have the right balance of meds and also that you have taken the right steps yourself. I am really pleased your mental health is improving. :)

  • I would highly recommend the following vid on utube: "Echart Tolle anxiety and fear"..If your depression is from thinking to much, then this will help you..A lot of people told me i should be on medication, but i went down this route instead..Now it's not possible for me to be depressed, just by training my mind back to being neutral.

  • Oh I found him very boring and wish it was that simple. This may

    Work for you but I would not count on it. Some people need medication.


  • Pity you found him boring mate, because his advice is "the" best advice anyone could ever get..It's the best thing i ever learned, & will work for most depressed people or at least help..The only trouble is convincing your mind that it's worth trying in the first place, & drugs will never cure someone's depression..Drugs might well mask/hide someone's depression, but never cure it..This cured my depression, & now i can't get depressed ever again..Some people love taking tablets, but the cure for depression is tackling the cause, & in most cases it's our emotional mind becoming stronger than our logical thinking mind....Your mind has already written him off before you've done any of the practice/training, proving that your emotional mind is stronger than your logical thinking mind..A logical thinking neutral mind "would" look into it no matter how boring it seems, i mean did your mind actually let you watch it all before it declared it to be boring?.

  • Ok thanks for that. I appreciate your points

    And I will have a look at the YouTube one. It was his. Book

    That I found not my style. Thanks anyway.


  • I haven't read any of his books to be honest, but the info i got from his vids completely changed my life for the better..It's too hard to explain how/why it works, & even if i we're talking to you face to face I'd still struggle to explain it to you..If you do find yourself getting a lot of negative thoughts, or you get angry, lonely, jealous, depressed etc etc, this will help eliminate all of that for good....It's actually from Buddhism, & is 2500 years old advice!lol..He's not the first guy in the world to come out with this info, & a guy called Alan Watts (British Philosopher) was putting this out years ago..Another vid you might like, but is very hard to get the gist of is: "Alan Watts Living in the present( The Boat Analogy" 5.57 mins)..Also on utube & talks about why we "shouldn't" be moved emotionally by our past, but most people do still live in the past.

  • Thanks Dave I appreciate that, and I will

    Look at them. Thanks for your help.


  • When you watch the boat analogy which believe me might take you weeks to realize the message (it did me anyway!lol), try to see the wake of the ship as all your emotional baggage & negative thoughts/memories from your past..So when he says you don't want to be a ship moved by it's wake, or a dog wagged by it's tale..That's to try to get your mind to realize, that we shouldn't ourselves be "moved" or swayed by our past..Eckharts vids shows the practice that needs to be done, to combat any & all unwanted emotions/feelings brought on by thinking or other people..Would love to know what you think.

  • Will look at it and let you know tomorrow



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